Which e-commerce system is right for my startup business?

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There are few quick questions to ask before looking for the e-commerce system, so you can have a better understanding of your requirement by yourself. Please take a pen and paper and write down the appropriate answer to each question, and at the end, you can find the right answer.

Q1: Are you currently using any CMS or e-commerce system?

Yes, the current CMS or e-commerce system cater your existing requirement or do you want to enhance it or replace it?

No, are you familiar with Website Admin interface or Backend interface?

Yes, it means you can easily understand the process of the e-commerce system otherwise you need to understand the e-commerce system flow.

Q2: How many products and categories are in your e-commerce system?

It might be 500 products, 1000 products or more than 1000 products.

Q3: How to define your product attributes?

It’s a most important aspect to understand the product complexity. Let me clarify, in general, some company sells a shirt, 1 shirt having different criteria e.g. Size, Color and Pattern so when you set up the Shirt on the site, at that time you need to configure the Size, Color, and Pattern with the respective prices. It means 1 shirt having different prices as per its attribute.

Sr. Size Color Pattern Price
1 X White Standard Rs. 1000
2 XL White Standard Rs. 1200
3 XXL White Standard Rs. 1500
4 X Red Standard Rs. 1050
5 XL Red Standard Rs. 1300
6 X White Cross Rs. 1250

Q4: Do you have a knowledge of Payment gateway?

Yes, it’s good.

No, you should understand the payment gateway – It Connects your online shop to any major payment processor, bank, or card association. It means it handles the payment process or transaction:

Your customer inputs credit card information in the e-commerce site.

The payment gateway secure / encrypts data and sends it securely to your Internet merchant account.

The transaction is reviewed for authorization by the customer’s issuing bank.

The result is encrypted and sent back through the gateway.

You get the results and decide whether or not to fulfill the order.

You can check famous payment gateway e.g. PayPal, 2checkout, Payubiz, Authorize.net and much more



Q5: Do you have a knowledge of shipping gateway?

Yes, it’s good.

No, it’s an integrated shipping provider will allow your customers to get accurate, real-time shipping rates from one or more shipping services.

Your customer inputs their address.

The shipping gateway checks the shipping rates with the different criteria.

Your customer selects the shipping method and tracks their order process.

You can check famous shipping gateway e.g. FedEx

Q6: What is your budget for the e-commerce project?

We know when you have planned to design and develop an e-commerce system you have a budget in your mind.

Q7: Will you have a team to handle the e-commerce system?

Q8: Do you have any target to sell the product online?

Q9: Do you have online marketing / digital marketing strategies for the e-commerce site?

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Let’s check your answer with respect to each question:

Sr. Questions Answer Point
1 Q1 Yes 1
No 0
2 Q2 Less than 500 1
More than 500 1
3 Q3 Simple 0
Complex 1
4 Q4 Yes 1
No 0
5 Q5 Yes 1
No 0
6 Q6 Less than USD 800 0
Less than 2000 1
More than 2000 1
7 Q7 Yes 1
No 0
8 Q8 Yes 1
No 0
9 Q9 Yes 1
No 0

If your score below the 5 then you should go with the hosted e-commerce solution else you can design and develop your own e-commerce system / self-hosted e-commerce solution.

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The hosted e-commerce solution:

The hosted e-commerce solution means we are getting a solution on rent and we need to pay monthly / yearly as per the package. The main advantage of hosted e-commerce solution:

1) It’s easy to use

2) They are providing many free layouts of the site

3) Pre-defined functionality

4) For enhancement, they have a plug-in and utilities

5) We don’t need to take care of hardware and website security means easy life.

The best example of hosted solution are shopify, bigcommerce, volusion and much more

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The self-hosted e-commerce solution:

You can customize it as per your requirement. The best example of self-hosted e-commerce solutions is Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce and much more.

Which is the best e-commerce option for my business? Hosted or Self-hosted e-commerce?

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Which e-commerce system is right for my startup business?
Article Name
Which e-commerce system is right for my startup business?
There are few quick questions to ask before looking for the e-commerce system, so you can have a better understanding of your requirement by yourself. Please take a pen and paper and write down appropriate answer against each question, and at the end you can find right answer.
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