The World Has Gone Mobile – Relationship is First Marketing for a Mobile World

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Relationship – First Marketing for a Mobile World

Consumers worldwide have nearly 5 billion active mobile subscriptions and the number is growing. To put that in perspective, that’s almost a billion and a half more active mobile subscriptions than toothbrushes sold. The world has gone mobile. And it’s not coming back.

With more than five times more mobile devices than PCs on the planet today, as a marketer, chances are your messages are being consumed in the mobile channel. If you’re not aligning your strategies with this new reality, you may find your business headed the way of the land line.

The Opportunity for Modern Marketers

The great news for digital marketers is that mobile is emerging as an amazing means of communication with the consumer. Not only is mobile ubiquitous, it’s also a highly personal, real-time channel. More than 90 percent of US adults have a mobile device within reach 24/7, and SMS messages that are delivered to these devices are typically read within three minutes of being delivered.

The Relationship-First Imperative

“ Mobile is a huge opportunity today, but as a marketer, we also have a responsibility to be relevant and timely with our messaging. We need the right solutions to deliver such highly personalized and highly automated communications to our customers.” — Puritan’s Pride

With more mature channels like e-mail, great marketers have moved away from batch and blast strategies (sending the same, generic message to everyone in your database) and towards a relationship-first strategy. This approach entails earning permission and then sending targeted messages that are highly tailored to every individual based on what you know about their demographics and behavior, as well as where they are in their customer life cycle.

In a mobile world, a relationship-first approach moves from being a good strategy to being the imperative. According to the Pew Research Center, customers say text spam is more invasive to them than junk mail or even spam e-mails. And sometimes, the recipients even have to pay for the texts that they never wanted in the first place. While the mobile channel introduces amazing new opportunities for marketers, the stakes for a sound strategy have never been higher.

Going Beyond SMS

Mobile marketing doesn’t end with a well-timed text message. In fact, smart marketers are using mobile to
enhance the performance of all of their digital marketing strategies. And they’re also accounting for all of the
ways that other channels are fundamentally changing as a result of the mobile explosion.

Cross-Channel Personalization

With a cross-channel marketing platform, Modern Marketers can apply relationship-first principles to marketing programs that span e-mail, social, display, web, and of course mobile channels. So not only do you get mobile as a great new standalone weapon in your marketing arsenal, but it’s a fantastic tool to help enhance the
effectiveness across the board.

For example, for customers who you find aren’t clicking on your e-mails as much as they used to, you can use an SMS message to bring them back into the fold. Or if you’re promoting your big fall sale via e-mail and display advertising, be sure to orchestrate an SMS reminder the day before it begins to push attendance over the edge.

Mobile E-Mail

Roughly 40 percent of e-mails in the US are opened on a mobile device, and this trend is only going in one direction. Unfortunately, the consumer’s e-mail experience on mobile is often plagued by outdated designs and frustrating layouts.

In the mobile world, you’ve got to be sure to design communications that look just as amazing on the smartphone as they do on a tablet or a desktop.

Mobile Advertising

With a seemingly infinite number of apps, sites, and networks—not to mention devices and screen resolutions—advertising to today’s mobile consumer is a complex, yet essential part of any marketing mix. Ask about our mobile advertising network and partners, including current inventory and customer targeting capabilities via Facebook.

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