How to start branding using creative business card design?

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April 4, 2014
How to develop a strong brand voice?
April 9, 2014
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How to start branding using creative business card design?

Business card can be a best marketing weapon for local business, it is a small identity of your company that can be work anywhere in the world.

Why creative business card design still matter?

The business card is the single most successful marketing tool till date and also it carries your company brand value. When you are ready to leave any meeting or business place, handing the person you have met with your company business card reiterate who you are and why you were there. It is something tangible so that they can carry with them and use it when it is required.

How to design a creative business card?

We believe that there is no word for creativity. At iVory Branding Agency, we always provide a few options for business card because believe in client’s preferences and choose.

Step 1: Understand the client business and requirement

Step 2: Ask for business logo, color and font preferences

Step 3: Business and Contact details

Step 4: Providing few options

Option 1: Vertical business card design


Option 2: Vertical Business Card Design


Option 3: Horizontal Business Card Design


Option 4: Horizontal Business Card Design


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