Our development methodology:

We have defined project development cycle in four phases, discovery, planning, execution (including monitoring and controlling) and evaluation.


Project Initialization & Discussion

In starting of project inquiry, we understand the client requirement and then try to connect with them to understand their business requirement in detail and identifying their goal. In general, it’s a requirement gathering phase. We check the feasibility study of the project means convert business idea into technical requirement and check it. It’s most important aspect of project because it checks the project functionality and make a proper notes to implement the project requirement.

Project analysis

In analysis, we make a detail document using the business requirement and divide the business functionality into different modules and tasks of the proposed project. It helps to client to understand the whole project.


Based on analysis, we will make a project milestone and project timeline along with the quotation. In this phase, we will suggest the team member size and technology.


Based on final project understanding and quotation, client can clear their doubts and meet (over GoToMeeting or Skype or face-to-face) with the team (Business Development Manager, Project Manager, Creative Design Team Head, Team Leaders and QA Manager). It’s important that all the team members involved in the project Kickoff meeting they can understand the client work and communicate throughout the project.


For better project execution, we setup the production staging server which used in development. It includes

Development, Database & testing environment

Based on project technology, we will setup the development and testing environment.



  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery


  • JSON
  • C+
  • Cocoa Touch


  • XML
  • Java

Versioning server

For better development process, we setup the versioning server (SVN app).

Project Prototype

Wireframe design

As per the project requirement, we start working upon the wireframe design of the requirement which mainly includes project flow and accessibility.

Database Design

After getting the confirmation or approval of user flow, we will start working upon the database design diagram.

User Experience

UI & UX Design

Our creative design team start working upon the project design based on the Wireframe design. It includes project design, website design, and mobile application design.


Backend Development

Mobile Application Development

iPhone Development

Android Development


Quality assurance is an important part before delivering the product to the client or before launching an application.


We deploy the project on the given server and make it live.


We will provide you support and maintenance for agreed project.