Product Marketing Strategies for Gujarat, India

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January 21, 2016
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January 31, 2016
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We are getting tons of inquiry about product marketing in Gujarat, India. You are thinking that we are getting lots of business out of them, you are quite true. The fact that there are many agencies inquired for their knowledge,

How are we working for products marketing strategies or product launch strategies?

Which are the new marketing tactics?

How we provide the effective solutions of product marketing or startup marketing?

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In today’s competition edge, every company knows what they need to do but they inquire to find out the best solution for their marketing campaign / activity. Today, we are sharing a marketing outline which will benefit you to plan your marketing campaign or product marketing strategies.

Product marketing / Product launch strategy:

1. Brand Awareness / Brand Hammering @ Low Cost

  • Newspaper Ads
  • Auto Rickshaw Ads
  • Local City Bus Ads
  • Vehicle Sponsor Advertising – Taxi, Scooter
  • State Bus Ads – Village Routes
  • Flyer Ads
  • Tricycle Advertising
  • SMS Marketing

2. Brand Awareness / Brand Hammering @Standard

  • Radio Ads
  • Local TV Advertising
  • Hoarding Advertising
  • Billboard / Street Pole Advertising
  • Mall Advertising

3. Affiliate Marketing

  • Local Dealer / Distributer engagement activity
  • Tie up with the local group for relevant product
  • Sponsor Local Event and Activity
  • Local Networking & Channel setup
  • Support Local Charity or Organization

4. Traffic Advertising

  • Traffic Barricades
  • Traffic Huts / Booth
  • Traffic Offices
  • Traffic Awareness Sponsor
  • Traffic Campaign

5. Digital Marketing – Online Advertising Strategies

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Product Marketing Strategies for Gujarat
Article Name
Product Marketing Strategies for Gujarat
We are getting tons of inquiry about product marketing in Gujarat, India. You are thinking that we are getting lots of business out of them, you are quite true.
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