Is Conversational UX the future of the web?

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There is a lot of buzz about conversational UX these days. People usually know the meaning of UX by now, even though it is hard to understand and grasp its concept till yet. However, what does conversational UX refer to? It refers to the UX or user experience in which your communication with a company, brand or service provider is based on your preceding behavior.

According to the term conversational UX, it literally does not have to be “conversational”. It can be done through any means by which two companies or parties get to develop understanding and trust. The conversational UX these days are based on the small scraps of micro copy. So the major thing is that in conversational UX you don’t really have to go through the entire menu because you won’t be provided one. The applications or web or whatsoever will easily adapt to the inquires. And if (for instance), an operating system or device adapts conversational UX, and then you won’t have to download the applications even. The system will decide which applications and services are needed by you. This will be done on the basis of your previous usage behavior.

If you want to hit the reality check of this system than it as simple as this:

“Any task that CAN be automated WILL BE automated.”

Conversational UX is far better than any existing application or website. It can have the same number of communications that of a million call centers. It won’t be facing any drop off rates as other apps do. Why so? As it will easily adapt to the needs of the user! S as mentioned above, with conversational UX, any task that can be automated will be automated.

However, one feature is sure to hold back conversational UX from gaining huge appreciation is that you cannot trust it completely. The AI is not trustworthy. And as we all know, trust is the major feature on which any user experience runs. The thing is that we might permit our UX to do grocery for us (we would love that), but we won’t allow it to shop our outfits for us, would we? Or would we like if it books our vacations for us? Not at all! And will you let it select your college major subjects for you? I guess you get the point now!

Conversational UX is pretty flawed at the moment and we can’t say that it is the future of the web. The major issue is that majority does not understand the real meaning of this and so we don’t get that much decided by it as well. According to Asimov’s prediction, we like robots that can be identified as robots within a millisecond.

No one is going to love the extra smartness of conversational UX. If we can get one that acts dumb for sure, then it might get some scope for today’s generation.

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