Influencer Marketing: The 3 Key Components of B2B Influencer

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June 24, 2016
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Consider the influencers as your game changer in the b2b marketing world. If you wish to enhance your b2b marketing, then influencers will play the role of the greatest force for you. They aid you in engaging customers with your business, company or brand. So who are they? What is the buzz all about? Here is all that you would want to know about it.

Who are Influencers?

If you want to stay on the top or in the front of the race, then you need to pay attention to what the influencers are telling you. Or let’s say you need to do what they tell you to.

  • Bloggers
  • Influential Execs
  • Analysts

The endorsement of an influencer can bring a big improvement to a b2b product release. You can take an in look at the individual’s biography and can also keep an eye on the number of followers they have. And not just this, you can see their location and how active they are with posting stuff. You can also take help from various apps or software’s like Little Bird and Buzz Sumo to identify those who are actually holding the attention of your target audience.

Not only this; you can search for the influencers by Klout or BuzzSumo. How does Klout help you in this? Well, it provides you with the exact or approximate measurement of the social reach of a user. A person who is known nationally or a lot will have a Klout score of 80 plus. And you will be furthered helped or simply more than you would have imagined for. So what is the next step to look into? You need to engage with the influencers as well. Astounded right? Let’s read further.

The 3 Key Components of B2B Influencer:

#1 Understand who you are and what is your target audience?

In B2B Influencer Marketing, it’s a crucial step to identify self-services and expertise to create an influence on the targeted audience. In general, every B2B focuses on targeted audience or people which use the similar products or services which are offered by their business. We need to make a proper strategy to create influence on targeted users group and then we need to rectify the strategy to improve the engagement of the user.

#2 Strategic business relationship

To start a build a relationship with the potential influencers, follow them and share the relevant content on social media, appreciate their work and engage them for review and suggestion. This might seem stupid but this helps. By sharing the posts of your influencers on your social media, you actually offer some respected and well-known resources to your followers. You also get positioned as an innovator. If your marketing team is clever enough to relate that post to your brand somehow, in one way or another, you actually get added value for your brand and you.

Twitter actually rocks the ground at this step. You can follow your influencer on Twitter and dig into the area of their interest easily. What interests they represent is going to help you a lot. What the actual game plan is that as much attention as you give to your influencer, the more chances you get that they will show attention to you in return as well.

#3 Look for Opportunity, not for the Popularity

In B2B Influencer Marketing, you also need to track your influencer’s sources to see or dig for new ideas to drive the audience to your blog or web page. When you target the audience at that time you need to understand their interest, not the popularity.


Influencers have a great impact on b2b marketing as they help in building relationships with the industry and your specific target market as well. This helps in bringing your brand reliability to a higher level.

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Influencer Marketing: The 3 Key Components of B2B Influencer
Consider the influencers as your game changer in the b2b marketing world. If you wish to enhance your b2b marketing, then influencers will play the role of the greatest force for you.
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