How to make a Website to Increase Conversions

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April 4, 2016
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April 8, 2016

As a creative website design agency, we always do a research, when we make the website’s home page. Based on the website’s research, we make web strategies which engage 80% more visitor towards the company services or products and it gives good ROI.

Let’s discuss, what are the primary information to make higher conversation of the website. It includes following information or website strategies which help you to increase the conversation of your website.

#1 Understand the target Website User / Audience

It’s really difficult to identify the website user interest for website appearance that’s why our UX & UI strategies help to make it better.

#2 Website content must be matched with the site information

Let me explain, in general, when website user searches in google for your product or service, “Branding Agency in Ahmedabad” they can see branding-agency-in-ahmedabad

When user click on the site and they are getting nothing related to branding then its give 0% conversation ratio, right? So its most important aspect to have a proper information of the site with the relative content.

#3 Use only images which represent the right business products or services

Again, when the user checks the home page of the site, they can see the banner / images and it’s the most important aspect that it suit to our business. We have searched many websites and seen the site who don’t use the related images. The image speaks 1000 words. You can check our creative website design and development case study so you can have a better understanding of it.

#4 Responsive Website or Mobile Friendly Website

Develop a mobile website to strengthen your online presence. As the number of mobile searches and transactions increase, having a mobile website means your site is available to anyone, anytime, using any type of device. This gives customers the most up-to-date information about your business at their fingertips.

Mobile devices are highly used by businesses to strengthen their presence among the maximum target market. As most of the population are using smartphones and tablets in daily routine, businesses need to focus on the right medium to establish and flourish their presence by using mobile devices. Let’s discuss the example, when you are at home or on the road and you need a specific type service, what you are doing, open your cell phone and search for it – right? You are getting lots of search result and you are checking their sites, if their site is not user-friendly means mobile friendly, then you leave the site and choose the another one from the list. This kind of scenario also happening with us and that why every business thinking for a mobile friendly website.

You should know little bit about the latest new about the search marketing (Google is going to boost the mobile-friendly algorithm in May 2016) and technology (Advantages of a Mobile Website over Mobile Application and Which is the best option for website – Responsive Web Design or Adaptive Web Design?)

#5 Clear Brand Communication of your Company

Again, it’s a crucial part and most effective things, when user seen the website and read the content, everything should be as per the company-centric so that website built a trust on user’s mind regarding your brand.

#6 Clear Call to Action

once, website user having a trust on your site then it should be crucial to have proper strategies for the call to action. It might be subscription form, direct phone number or contact form.

#7 Live client testimonial or reviews

The real client testimonial gives a huge impact on website user for a better understanding of your service or product. It might be a regular testimonial, review or video testimonial. As per our experience, we need to put one testimonial as per our geo graphical area. e.g. If we will serve the Gujarat and our local language is Gujarati, so we need at least one testimonial in Gujarati – Branding and Digital Marketing Success Story – iVory Branding Agency Ahmedabad

#8 Improve your website performance

You should know a little bit about the website performance so you can discuss with your website design and development company or agency. Click for how to improve website performance

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How to make a Website to Increase Conversions
Article Name
How to make a Website to Increase Conversions
As a creative website design agency, we always do a research, when we make the website's home page. Based on the website's research, we make web strategies which engage 80% more visitor towards the company services or products and it gives good ROI.
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