Digital Marketing Strategy: Top Tips to Boost your Local SEO Ranking

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June 1, 2016
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June 11, 2016
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In today’s competitive edge, every business owner hires a Digital Marketing Agency or SEO Agency for improving their online presence. We are getting many calls from renowned business owner to help them to improve their online presence. Whether you are new in business or you are running a business, we know you are continuously seeking the way to improve the website traffic, and make your business more profitable thus you are continuously follow up with your Digital Marketing team or SEO team to improve your website ranking, right? Today, we are discussing Local SEO strategyTop Tips to Boost your Local SEO Ranking which helps to grow your business listing in local search.

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The Local SEO Ranking is the best way for small or medium scale businesses to reach their potential customer and generate business leads. In today’s era, when the user searches for any products or services online, they are looking for a business in their neighborhood or in near places thus, it’s most important that your business website is at the top of those local search result means higher in Local SEO Ranking. The SEO especially the local based is still the main element to drive more customers to your door. The trend in this year is optimizing the Local SEO in which it can target local audiences. Here are some strategies to improve your Local SEO Ranking and get the best for your website.

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In our previous article, we have discussed “Local SEO Important Factors“, and today we are discussing it in details so you can easily boost your Local SEO Ranking.

Top Tips to Boost your Local SEO Ranking

#1 Build consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone) information

Before starting on Local SEO activity, you should write your Business Name, Business Address, and Business Phone number in a standard pattern so your business identity will be consistent on Business listing pages (Local Business Registration on Search Engine and Social Media).

#2 Local Business Registration – Google and Bing

The first essential step to register your business with the search engine, Google and Bing.

#3 Create a Business Page on Social Media – FaceBook, LinkedIn and Google+

#4 Build Mobile-Friendly Website

Recently, Google has announced, the mobile-friendly website gets additional benefit in the search listing means the mobile-friendly website is a one most factor in their search algorithm.

#5 Create Quality Content with the focus on Local Service or Product keywords

#6 Manage the Review and Comment

It increases your business reputation online.

#7 User-Friendly Website Design

It’s a crucial element for your business success.

#8 Localize landing pages on the website

It consider as a important factor getting found in locally. The localize landing page contain Business Name, Business Short Description, Business Address, Google Map, Social Accounts, Business Phone number, Email Address, Office hours and much more. You can check Webdesign Agency in Ahmedabad for more details.

#9 Local Client Testimonial on the website

#10 Review and Update the Local Marketing Strategy over the period of the time

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Digital Marketing Strategy: Top Tips to Boost your Local SEO Ranking
The Local SEO Ranking is the best way for small or medium scale businesses to reach their potential customer and generate business leads.
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