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May 30, 2016
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May 30, 2016
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Got an eCommerce website? Unable to understand how to improve its standards and increase the traffic?

It is not an easy thing to make your eCommerce website known to others, especially if you don’t believe in taking the help of SEO (Searching Engine Optimization). But if you think SEO is easy, you probably know nothing about the different types in it and also the importance of keyword. SEO is not just about the content and keywords; you go through an entire journey when you get into this field. Since there is a lack of knowledge and a lot of gaps in this field, you are bound to make certain mistakes.

Which are the common eCommerce SEO mistakes that most of the businessmen make?

#1 Product Descriptions are not good

Product descriptions are quite essential when it comes to having an eCommerce website. If you have products or services to offer to the customers, you have got to focus on developing the best descriptions for the same.

#2 You have no Product Reviews on your website

Unless your products or services have reviews, your website can’t be trusted by the visitors. They judge you on the basis of your products and your products on the basis of the reviews.

#3 SEO Strategy: Your website doesn’t have what it takes to be listed in the SEO ranking

There are certain things that your website must meet to be included in the SEO ranking; create and use the SEO checklist.


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#4 You have either put only a few or a lot of Keywords on the website

Either your website has no or few keywords or is stuffed or overloaded with keywords. Balance them.

#5 You have absolutely no unique Titles on your website

Your website must have unique titles for each website pages, products, and categories; if you want it to win the hearts of the visitors. With the help of unique titles, your search engine ranking can be improved.

#6 There is no user-friendly URL to be ahead of the competitors

Your URLs have got to be user-friendly so that you push yourself ahead of the competitors.

#7 You don’t have any Content Marketing Strategy to engage the user

The content on the page is not up to the mark, Even if you have an eCommerce website, the content needs to be well-created to meet the expectations of all the visitors. Also, quality content allows the search engines to trust your eCommerce website more than the websites of your competitors. Yet, most of the eCommerce website creators don’t understand this and ignore the content.

#8 You don’t have setup the SSL for Checkout page

It’s a most important aspect when user purchase the products from your side and go to the checkout page, the page must be SSL enable. It allows the user to trust on your side and give them a feeling that it’s secure to do a transaction.

#9 Local SEO Strategy: Forget to add the local SEO technique

Nowadays, it’s most important to implement local SEO strategy for the e-commerce website, because if local buyer or customer looking for products or services online, and if they can’t get your e-commerce website on search engine listing, then you should lose the business.

This is basic eCommerce SEO Mistakes that most of the businessmen and e-commerce development company make.

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Digital Marketing: eCommerce SEO Mistakes
Which are the common eCommerce SEO mistakes that most of the businessmen make?
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