Digital Marketing: Content Marketing Goals and How They Are Measured

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July 4, 2016
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Content is a backbone for your website. It is an important part of your business strategy. When we are referring to the content marketing, it is known as the process in which one plans, develop and deliver content assets from the brand to the user to grow a company’s consumer base. It is a section of marketing which occur digitally and on non-digital media.

The content marketing is one of the critical element of the business website. The content marketing is considered to be a hot item in the marketing world these days and you should know the essential elements of Content Marketing. However, it is yet to be adopted by most of the companies and brands, digitally at the least. It is surveyed that only 30 percent of the businesses have a documented marketing strategy in place.

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You may be wondering what makes it a hot subject in the marketing industry. Well, you can understand it as it can help the brands to increase the awareness of their products, their services and themselves. It is a good source to promote the products as well as have a huge impact on the brands reputation. It also helps to educate the user on the products and services the company is offering. In this way, the brands get close to the people. It also helps the brands to convert users by building their trust in the brand as well as their products and services.

Not just this, the content marketing gives users something to talk and share about and create brand loyalties, which are very much important for the businesses. The content marketing goals include providing the users with safe and reliable content. When you set the primary goals, you have to see that there are different techniques and measuring metrics. For instance, engagement of the audience could be measured by sessions, time on your brand page as well as with the help of comments and reviews. Some of the examples of content marketing may include.

#1 Blogs

#2 Videos

#3 Games

#4 Infographics

#5 GIFs

#6 Microsites

#7 Webinars

#8 eNewsletters

#9 Online Tools

#10 Whitepapers

While you measure the results of the content types, you will have to know that they can vary depending on different goals. For instance, the infographics may go viral and generate more traffic than a blog post can make comments or views.

Content marketing seems to be an easy task but it requires certain standards to be fulfilled, and it has its measuring criteria. Each type of the content requires different measuring techniques so you can’t just pick one metrics and apply it to all. However, the ultimate aim for most of these content marketing campaigns is general to drive audience and increase the engagement that can be measured by page views.

Content marketing may help your brand get the best outcome since it makes you close to your audience. It is ideal for small businesses since audience trust and loyalties are important for business reputation. While your marketing goals may vary, the metrics used to determine the success of your content marketing campaign may also vary.

Article Name
Digital Marketing: Content Marketing Goals and How They Are Measured
Content is a backbone for your website. It is an important part of your business strategy.
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