iVory Digital Marketing Audit Tool

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What is digital marketing?

In general terms, digital marketing is the promotion of company products, company services or brand using one or more of the various digital channels, such as email marketing, smart phones, social networks, SMS marketing, calling , etc.

Why Digital marketing is important?

  • Your potential customer / client can try to get your information online
  • Your digital presence convey a proper message to your potential customer / clients
  • You can get more customers / clients visibilities online
  • You can spread the products or services awareness using your social channel
  • You can build a strong customers / clients relations online
  • Over the time your sales is boost using effective strategies

Based on our research and analysis of customers / clients for Digital Marketing Essential:

  • 74% people said that they can interact with the companies after review their website and FaceBook page.
  • 46% people said that they can interact with the company‚Äôs products and services after checking the reviews.
  • 21% people said that we always check the companies local presence using the some references and then interact
  • 85% people said that we can check the companies establishment years with the clients portfolio and then interact
  • 89% people said that we can always work to with the well-known company.

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