Concept based magazine ads design by iVory branding Agency


Today, we have received a call regarding “Concept based magazine ads design” and setup a meeting with them at our office.

Client – We need a magazine ads design which shows that we are increasing our price after 20 years.

iVory – Okay, Can you please bit explain about your company and product.

Client – Sure

They have explained everything about the company and their products and we have also good discussion on other point as well.

We have start working upon the Magazine ads design and do you know what happen? We have a vast experience in magazine ads design but we have stuck up to represent a proper message to target audience. We have started to visualization everything and made a 2 advertising design concept.

Our main focus on:

1. Company logo with the message “After the 20 years we change our price”

2. Company product information

3. We need to present years information

4. Product advantage

5. Company contact details

6.  Company website information



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