Brand Design Case Study - Indian Bed Sheet Manufacturer

Brand Development Story

We started by immersing ourselves in the world of Textile and Cotton industry, digging up all the market research and analysis we could find, conducting short meetings / interviews, and spending sometime in various shops, mall and retailers so we could study IBS’s competitor. From our research we found:

  • 1 cotton designer Indian bed sheet for single and double were purchased more.
  • 2 there is less price difference between wholesaler and retailers.
  • 3 most of the customer don’t aware with the brand name, they only need bed sheets.
  • 4 the customer are 90% of women between the ages of 25-45.

Based on our understanding of the customer and what they were looking for, we positioned the IBS around a centralized driver. Through a very collaborative effort of IBS team, we helped them to brand redesign and relaunch with web platform.

Brand Identity Design

Logo Design

While most of Textile brands use silence color and simple graphics, we opted for simple and straight forward design language that utilize a bright palette and bold identity design. Our main concept was user can easily understand the brand using their brand identity so we have designed a bed sheet design icons in to identity design with the symbolic forms.

Corporate Identity Design

We have designed a brand theme based on the branding concept.

Brochure & Catalogue Design

We have designed the brochure with our branding design branding theme and then print it.

Packaging Design

Advertising Design

Flyer design / Dangler design

Newspaper ads design

Hoarding design

Bus Ads design

Website Design

Through intuitive navigation and links we gave visitors quick and easy access to relevant information and multiple opportunities to get in touch and having a more focus on highlight the products on the website so we have designed the main page / home page with the creative bed sheet banner with the two button, one for “New Collection� and second for “Cotton Bedsheet�. The result was a unique, robust online brand presence that used the culture and strengths of the IBS.