Why Your Sales and Marketing Team Needs Solid Digital Marketing Foundation

Marketing activity is the pike’s peak of a product. In order to make your products sold well, then you have to have a good marketing. No matter how bad a product is, if the marketing is good, then it will still have good sales. On the contrary, no matter how good a product is, it will never survive if it doesn’t have the good marketing strategy. So, it can be said that the continuity of company depends on its marketing activities and strategies. This is why your sales and marketing team needs a solid digital marketing foundation if we talk about online marketing.

What is Marketing Foundation?

When we talk about marketing, then there are several things that we must note, such as marketing media, marketing target, and marketing personnel. Those things are considered as marketing foundation. So, in order to have good sales, a company must have a good marketing foundation.

Marketing Media:

First, we talk about marketing media. If we talk about online marketing, there are many marketing media that we can use, ranging from social media to websites and blogs. Choosing the marketing media carefully as well as considering the advantages and disadvantages of those marketing media can lead us to a good result. For example, if you decide to use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as your marketing media, then you have to learn about the features of those media that can become the advantages and disadvantages in your marketing strategy using those social media. It is the same with using websites or blogs as your marketing media where you have to learn everything about them before you decide to use them.

Marketing Target:

As for the marketing target, it is not less important than marketing media. Marketing target depends on what products we want to sell. For example, if your products are women’s accessories, then the primary marketing targets are female internet users. By knowing your marketing target, then you can prepare the right marketing strategy for that marketing target. For example, if your marketing targets are female internet users, then you can use the greetings such as, “Good morning ladies….” as the opening of your broadcast message or new post to make the readers feel more comfortable with you. That is the importance of deciding the marketing target about why your sales and marketing team needs a solid digital foundation.

Marketing Personnel:

As for the marketing personnel, this is also as important as the other two elements of marketing foundation. Having a good marketing personnel is a must. Marketing is the pike’s peak of sales and marketing personnel is the pike’s peak of a marketing activity. So, it can be said that marketing personnel is the most important part in marketing activity. Marketing personnel must not only understand both the marketing media and marketing target but also be able to perform the scheme well. No matter how good a marketing strategy is, if the one who performs it is not able to execute the strategy well, then you say goodbye to good sales of your products. This is also one of the most important aspects of why your sales and marketing team needs a solid foundation.

Let’s discuss the real time scenario, I have a meeting with the renowned Sanitary Ware Company in India for their Digital Marketing service. I met with the lady and Marketing manager in their office, and we all sit in a conference room for further discussion. I have asked them simple questions,

Question 1: 

What is your marketing foundation for Digital Marketing?

The Marketing manager replied, “We have a brand ambassador for our brand and local marketing technique, what do you want”.

Do you think, it is an appropriate answer for my question? Still I have tried to ask the second question.

Question 2:

Why do you need to do Digital Marketing as you have a brand ambassador for your brand?

Again, the marketing manager replied, “We have a brand ambassador for our brand but we need to do awareness using digital platform”.

Now, I understand their mentality and don’t ask any question related to Digital Marketing, I have asked a final question to leave the meeting.

Question 3:

What is your Digital Marketing budget?

Now, The marketing manager confused and the lady replied, still we don’t have decided the budget but it approx. Rs. 5000.

After getting the answer, I have replied, Thank you very much for taking your interest in iVory, Top Digital Marketing Agency in Ahmedabad. We will email you our quotation and then start to work.

I’m shocking with their attitude and answers. I personally believe that small or big companies a marketing & sales professionals should at least knowledge about their target people, locations, and latest marketing trend. This is why your sales and marketing team needs a solid digital marketing foundation.

Let me explain you the “Digital Marketing” benefit, Everyone aware with the “FaceBook”, right? If you post one updates on your FaceBook account, it shares with your account friends, right?. We give you a simple suggestion, Let’s start the practice, give instruction to your sales or marketing professional, to share or like your company updates regularly, and see the impact on your business.

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