Why is social medial marketing so important for business?

The easiest answer, you can show all your business activity around your circle (Friends, Family members and business associations) and make your company product or service awareness.

iVory team research said 90% of good business start from the nearest circle and it’s expand gradually with the help of them.

In past few years, every business owner sent the greetings on festival to their relative or nearest circle for best wishes with their company information.

How many are agreed with me that they doing a traditional marketing for their business?

It’s a necessary thing when we are not connected with each other on internet; but now social media gives a better options and easy facility to engage users on social platform.

Social Media Marketing is a new look of traditional Word of Mouth Marketing.

iVory Branding Agency helps to make your #brand more valuable

Why use the social media platform for business?

  1. You can spread your business awareness to your nearest and dearest people.
  2. You can get more new potential clients from it and spread your business across the globe.
  3. You build a customer loyalty on social platform which increase your sales on timely manner.
  4. It’s a best Advertising and Marketing tool; you can easily share a new coupons, discount information and product or service information.
  5. It’s a less time consuming and gives a better result, if we will make it on proper way.

There are many social media platforms are available now a day; but it’s most important to choose right social media platform for your business.

Today, we will discuss the FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube as its most Famous and widely use in the internet.

The social media platform statistics


  • No. of Users: 1.19 Billion Worldwide
  • iVory believed that 95% of your circle uses the FaceBook at least 4-5 times in a day.
  • It’s User friendly – User can easily create a post, upload their images and engage more users.


  •  No. of Users: 271 Million Worldwide
  • iVory believed that 40% of your business circle uses the Twitter at least 5-6 times in a day.
  • It’s a little bit tricky as User can write only 140 character message on it. It’s generally used by professionals.


  • No. of Users: 1 Billion Worldwide
  • iVory believed that 70% of your circle uses the YouTube at least 2-3 times in a day
  • It’s widely used Video Marketing platform. You can also check Importance of Video Marketing 

iVory Branding Agency helps to make your #brand more valuable