Website UI and UX Strategy: 9 Proven Ways to Enhance UX Strategy

Amit Patriwala

UX is an abbreviation for User Experience. UX design, however, is a concept that has a lot of different dimensions and disciplines. These dimensions and disciplines are visual design,human and computer interaction, usability, information architect and interactive design. The UX & UI design is a lot more than what you assume or speculate it to be. It’s a strategy that engages website visitors for your products or services. As a creative website design agency, we believe that the website success depends on upon the user engagement. So here are some easy and quick 9 ways through which you can enhance UX Strategy it all for yourself!

9 Proven Ways to Enhance UX Strategy

#1 Think More

First, you need to think for your target users. We know that every industry has it’s own target users and every user has it’s own perception so that you need to think more and speculate about the results that you are in need of.

#2 Bring in Ease for the User

The website should user-centric, it means targeted user can easily accessible the products and services information. Furthermore, the user can easily communicate or signup with us. If signing up takes a lot of time, they are going to worry about it. If you just add in a caption like “you are just 60 seconds away from signing up with us’, you will bring ease to the user. You need to make the user feel comfortable and give them a sense that whatever they are in need of is right there at your website.

#3 Revisiting

A lot of times, your site goes down the slope. It starts to underperform! You can simply copy tweaks as they help you to convert more sales.

#4 Don’t Ask for Much

In general, we have found many websites which do not have a good design but it’s simple to understand. Furthermore, if you have a good strategy and a bad design, your website is going nowhere but down the lane. An unreliable UX & UI strategy stimulates bad UX & UI experience. If there are an issue with your design then fix them ASAP! You should keep it simple yet unique and creative.

#5 Put it in your User’s Brain

A lot of people think that they know what people might be assuming. So they pick words that people are most likely going to be responsive to. But they don’t! So what happens next?

You can take some usability tests which clarify what is clear about your copy and what might confuse your user. So monitoring what your users think is a great idea.

#6 Messages

Error and fix it messages are really important. You should always tell the user Whats wrong and how they can fix it. The worst part is when the website does not clear whether the username or password is wrong. How is the user going to guess which one has gone wrong for them!

#7 Repeat the Value

If you have something free for the users, then scream it out of your lungs. Your microcopy should also scream it out for you!

#8 Ignore Nonsense

A lot of people think that using technical words and statements makes them a geek. In actual, if you avoid all this and convey a technical message is simpler words; you will certainly rock!

#9 Social Proof

You can tell your users about what a great thing they are about to sign up for. For example, you can add something like this: “you are about to be a part of our 10,000 newsletter subscribers.”

Everyone does not put their fingers in this task. But if you pay a bit attention to it and enhance it then you are surely going to rock.

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Author: Amit Patriwala

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