Website Strategy: Tips for Increasing Website Click-Through Rates

In the context of organic search results, Click through rate is used to measure how often users click a website / blog as your website is displayed in the search result. Low CTR can indicate that the website is not relevant to the data sought, or the user may find another web which is known better. However, Click-Through Rate is not everything for your online. Since you have to consider some other things to improve your page. Here are several things that you must improve rather than just measuring it with click through rate.

Tips for Increasing Website Click-Through Rates


 #1 Improve the Content Quality

One of the best ways to attract visitors to visit your website is by improving your website content quality. You have to make your content more informative and looks professional. If you fill your website with articles, then you need to improve the quality of your article. In this case, you may not create articles by providing false information to the readers. Since this will make your credibility down. Just simply make some articles that look so interesting and make people curious. So, you are no need to count on the click through rate anymore.

#2 Implement UX & UI Strategy

– Website must reflect your brand identity

– Use Interactive Buttons Instead of Links for Calls to Action

– Write Call to Action Like a Main Topic

– Use Interactive Images and Less Text

– Implement Video Strategy

#3 Maximize Blog Walking

Blog walking is visiting others webs while giving some comments. Actually, the main purpose of blog walking is getting backlinks, but you have to put a link in the comments. It will allow some visitors who are visiting the other site to click your website. In blog walking, we should give a good comment because your comment may be considered spam by the blog owner if you give bad comment. Therefore, you are strongly recommended to give relevant comment to the content. Before commenting, you have to read the first article discussed, so that we can leave a comment in accordance with the contents of the article.



#4 Regular Update the Website

The key to the success of your web campaign is a regular update. If you fill the website with some Articles, so you must update or post some articles every day. You are no need to write so long article, just simply write an article with a length of 500 words. You can update or give new post at least five posts every day. Your articles must be attractive and informative so that the readers will be interested to read them until the last line. When they finally get impressed with your article, it will allow the readers to read another article that you create. Therefore, you must update it every day but you have to consider the quality as well.

In summary – Tips for Increasing Website Click-Through Rates, those are several things that you have to remember when you want to improve your website quality and get more traffic without counting on the click-through rate. In this case, you can assess the website by yourself. If you have a good website, then people will not hesitate when they find the information they need and then choose your website as their source of information. Therefore, the most important thing is improving your quality content. Improving quality content means that you have to pay attention to all of the aspects including the website design, the post title, and much more.

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