Website Strategy: How to measuring your website’s success

Amit Patriwala

Every business is different from other, and so are the methods with which one can measure their success. What one considers success can be a failure to the other. Therefore, one needs to measure their own website’s success, but first, you have to understand and define what success is to you. You have to have clear goals in mind to determine what your website success is.

With the increase in the usage of internet, the world is becoming more digital. With this new approach, a lot of changes can be observed. The marketing budgets are moved from the traditional ones to online channels. Now organizations, either big or small use websites, blogs and other online and digital media to get a hold of their consumer. The websites, now with the competition in the world market, needs to be creative and sophistication. They need additional features, more investment, and more capabilities. Likely, the online world offers a more detailed level of tracking and measuring what helps better to understand the returns and success of your digital investment.

Instead of waiting and simply speculating what works for you and what doesn’t work, when it comes to the website design and your marketing campaigns, you should let the data be your judge.

All of the brands and business want an excellent site but in reality, this styling and appealing design aren’t what measure the success of your website. Ultimately, both the web designer and business owner needs to focus on the measurement criteria for knowing and tracking the success of your site.

While defining key performance sounds deliberately obvious, it is astonishing how many site owners aren’t focused on a simple concept. One needs to remember that if you have invested your time, money and energy in building and developing a site, you will want to continue to develop it and its related activities. It is far easier to justify the additional budget, time, and resources needed for it if you can provide the measurable data, which shows the website’s success.

Some of the websites lend themselves to measure their performance since they have straightforward objectives to achieve. Nonetheless, for a few other websites and business, it can be a lot more challenging to define these goals.

How to measuring your website’s success?

The success of a website can be measured with different metrics, which may include: calculating the number of visitors, the purchase of the products and services offered or with the help of subscriptions made to the site. It also may include the number of calls, the signup to the newsletter. You can also determine the success to your website with the help of the number of queries, comments. SEO is also helpful in determining the success of your website.


#1 Calculating the number of visitors

#2 The purchase of the products and services offered

#3 The subscriptions made on the site

#4 The number of business calls

#5 The signup to the product or service newsletter.

#6 You can also determine the success to your website with the help of the number of queries, comments.

#7 SEO process is also helpful in determining the success of your website

#8 Getting referral traffic from the article, published papers and social media

The exposure of your brand also helps to build a presence. It is important since, in this way, people get to know you. The number of downloads, awards, reviews, Search engine ranking are a few factors which can help you determine whether your website’s success or it needs some changes to make it better.

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