Website Strategy: How to Make Your Website Stand Out in the Competition

As a Creative Website Design Agency in Ahmedabad, we know that, In starting of website design project, every website design company or website design agency asking for the “Reference Website” and “Competitor Websites information”. In many cases, we have observed that most of the website design company or website design agency, take a readymade design template and then do the require changes in the template and deliver to the client. The client accepts it because it satisfies their requirement. The result, most of the websites in their industry are having the similar look and feel with some minor differences in website color and banner images only. Therefore, if you want website users to remember your website, then it should stand out from the competition. Thus, we are trying here to explain some information which helps you to make your website stand out in the competition.

At iVory Web Design, first, we will ask website design client to share their “Reference Websites” and “Competitor Websites” to understand the clients’ business and services in a better way. Once, we understood the business and service, we start working on the website concept design. In our concept design process, we are not taking any layout information from reference websites or competitor websites, however,  we make it as per the industry standards using our creativity.

How to Make Your Website Stand Out in the Competition?

#1 Engage Your Website User

As a strategic website design agency, we know that every business has it’s own user group and every business know that their website user’s preferences mean what information they are looking into the site. We need to highlight the website user preferences into a website so when website user landing into the website, they are getting all the relevant information.

#2 Improve UX & UI experience

It’s a most critical part of the business success. You are getting a website traffic but not generating sales out of it. The better UX & UI strategy helps to engage the website user and increase the sales into a website.

#3 Website performance

As a website user, we know, if we are looking for some requirement on the website, we will search it, and open the few websites, correct? If some website is not open properly, we will close it and move to the next website, right? So if the same is experienced by our website user on our website also, it means losing the sales and website user engagement.


#4 Better Content Strategy

Your website content should be appropriate and relevant to your products and services. You need to have article section into the website which focuses on latest product and service information. Moreover, when you do social media marketing, email marketing, and paid marketing, your content must reflect your brand message.

#5 Video Marketing Strategy

You should have at least one video on the website which explains your company information along with the product and services which increase the website user attention and engagement into the website.

#6 Client Testimonial

You should have testimonial section on the website and social media platform which increase the user trust on your business brand.

#7 Social Media Presence

In the website, we need to highlight the social presence.

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