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Website Conversion Rate Optimization Mistakes Even Agencies Make

Amit Patriwala

What is Website Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

As per the Wikipedia,

In internet marketing, conversion optimization, or conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a system for increasing the percentage of visitors to a website that converts into customers, or more generally, takes any desired action on a web page. It is commonly referred to as CRO.

The CRO has mostly affected your marketing efforts, and we are strongly believing that you don’t want to do that. There are many criteria which affected the CRO activity, the most common, you should a knowledge about how to Improve Your Website Performance and How to make a Website to Increase Conversions.

Let’s discuss the Website Conversion Rate Optimization Mistakes:

#1 The Website home page or landing page

We know, when you have started the website design and development project with the company or agency, they all give you a confidence that you can get more sales using our new UI & UX strategies in the new site, optimize the SEO and getting a good result using the PPC campaign. Sometimes, we agree that it will happen but in 95% of cases its fail. Do you know why? The main reason for it, we don’t know the target user and their behavior for our website. If any company or agency claim that we are making a 100% CRO site then it’s really hard to believe. At iVory Web Design, we always doing a research on the clients industry and requirement, then we will make a website page or landing page which give them a better CRO. You can check our creative website design and development work for more details.

#2 The lack of CRO process understanding

In CRO, the main 4 process includes,

#2.1 Data Gathering – You should have a website analytics tracking report.

#2.2 Data Analysis – You should invest a time to understand the website user’s preferences (it includes target audience and User experience testing). In the beginning, you should understand the website goal and make website strategies which fulfill it.

#2.3 Website Implementation Strategies – We hope you aware with the Website goal and now you need to make a setup of questions based on the user’s type. In the beta version of the website, you need to share with the target audience and ask them questions which fulfill our website goal for better CRO.

#2.4 Strategies check and optimization – It’s really tedious process as no one want to do, the main reason, we got the setup of answers from the target audience and checking with our website goal, every agency or company always said yes, we got the 90% success but we don’t believe it because we need to do 3-4 CRO testing and then we got perfect answer and it will take approx. 25-30 days.

#3 Test (A/B testing / MVT)

It’s a continuous process of CRO optimization. As per our knowledge, many agencies have hidden the report of A/B and MVT testing. We always suggest to A/B testing first and then if requires then doing MVT testing.

#4 There is not website testing or user experience testing on the site

We suggest, before making the site live, you should do 15-20 website testing (e.g. check the spelling mistake, photography alignment, content check, 404 pages error checks and link check) and thereafter user experience check (you can send the demo website link to 100 people, they can check the site on mobile device, laptop, and desktop). The most important point, you should install the google analytical code or website Heatmaps to understand the user behavior and psychology.

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