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Today, we are sharing our web research for “Law Firm” or “Attorney Firm” in Allentown, PA. The main purpose of the research is “Why Law Firm or Attorney Firm not getting a proper ROI for their website?“. In our Web Research on Law Firm Website Design, We got good information Marketing for Lawyers and Law Firms by HG.ORG Legal Resources

According to a study by Pew Research in 2015, 84% of all Americans use the Internet. Of those, 81% use the Internet to research products or services. Here in the 21st century, being without a website is akin to not having a business card. If a potential client can’t instantly find you, they’ll move on to someone else as fast as it takes to click a button.

There are over hundred law firms in the Allentown, PA area which have a digital presence. In our research below points are included:

  • Does your website reflect your brand identity?
  • Is your website user-friendly?
  • Does your website give you a good return on your investment?
  • Is your website mobile friendly or responsive?
  • Are you getting found locally on major search engines e.g. Google, Yahoo or Bing
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We were getting good response and lots of criticism for our research which is below:

Does your website reflect your brand identity?


  • But should it reflect anything?
  • Why is it matter?
  • Is good logo give us a huge impact as we are working since 20 years?
  • Do we need to change our brand identity because we are not getting the online business?

Is your website user-friendly?

We were getting the mixed response on it.

  • What is the exact meaning of user-friendly website?
  • We have listed our service on the home page so website user can easily navigate from it. Do we need to do other stuff?
  • We have designed the website home page so the website user can get all the required information once, Is it user-friendly?

Does your website give you a good return on your investment?

We were getting on 2% that said “Yes” other said working on strategies to improve it.

  • Are you talking about the online advertising and marketing investment?
  • We are getting tons of visitor but we are not getting the leads.

Is your website mobile friendly or responsive?

We were getting the mixed response on it.

  • What is the major benefit of the mobile-friendly website? Does it increases the lead?
  • We are getting a sufficient inquiry from our desktop based website, should we need the mobile-friendly website?

Are you getting found locally on major search engines?

We were getting the mixed response on it.

  • We are getting lots of fake inquiry forms.
  • We are on top for few keywords and working for others.
  • We don’t know how to do that?
  • It’s a typical process for us.

We have designed a strategic website design concept for the law firm which includes major elements:

Law Firm Website Header Design Concept

We believes that simplicity is important and creates a unique presence in visitor’s minds.

We did a great deal of research to understand the client’s mentality for the law firm in Allentown. The 70% of clients wants a simple header. The main reasons are below:

  1. The website user can easily understand the client’s service on their main page.
  2. It reflects the brand identity of the law firm

We designed a unique menu style which includes main information that website visitors find easy to use and designed the unique banner section where we can add our client’s images of services with the text.

Law Firm Website Content Part Design Concept

We have highlighted services or practice area with Call To Action so that website users can easily navigate from the home page. You don’t have to hide your services behind the main menu because website visitors can get into it within 2 or 3 clicks. If you want to success in digital presence then you need to design a simple but creative website design with the proper Call To Action for the services. We have also highlighted company introduction and the testimonials on the front page.

Law Firm Website Footer design concept

We believe that we couldn’t add much information on the header so that we have to add more information in footer allowing the website user to view more details. We have added the firm’s information link in the footer first to allow easy access to more information about the firm. then, next highlighted the social media presence for the firm and then added the firm’s address information with the local and toll-free phone numbers and email address.

The Creative Strategic Website Design Concept for Law Firm

Web Research for Law Firm Website Design

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