User Experience: Common Website Design Mistakes Results to Lose Customers

It’s really hectic day for me..because I was actually in a mood of celebrating the Sunday with family and friends,  and suddenly got a call for Website design and development. I personally believe that Work is more important and thus answer the call. I have started the conversation with the client,

The client: he said, they have a website for their business but they are not getting business from the website. He has said, I have read your one article and I really liked it which is “Why Do You Need Professional Website Design Agency In Ahmedabad?” and also checked few articles which are below:

Website Strategies To Increase Sales

Creative Strategy To Make Your Website More User-Friendly

Website Conversion Rate Optimization

We have launched our company website in Jan 2016 and it’s not up to our branding standard. The existing website design and development by Website Design & Development Company in Ahmedabad, and now they are not providing support and answer of our queries, so we need to move, and contacted your agency.

iVory: Thanks for sharing the detail with us. Yes, we will provide you support for website design and development. Firstly, we need to check our website and we need a more information regarding your business objective, target audience, and most important your branding manual.

The client: He has shared their existing website detail and asking for the email address to share their company details with us.

iVory: I have shared my email address with the client and asking if you have any other question at this moment? because we will check your website and reply on email for the meeting dates.

The client: No, thanks. I have just sent an email and waiting for your reply.

I was surprised because as per my experience the business man couldn’t prefer to read the blog or article, but he did it. I have checked the client’s website and found that there are many common website design  mistakes on their existing site, and got an idea to write an article for it. I started to write “Common Website Design Mistakes Results to Lose Customers” article with the focus on website user experience.




#1 Implement UX & UI Strategy

As a Creative Website Design Agency in India, we follow the some latest practice for UX & UI website design strategy which help the client to get more website leads. Our UX & UI Design and Development Methodology which is proven and tested in 100+ website. Our clients are happy with our UX & UI design strategies.

The common UX & UI mistakes:

We have observed that going for more creative website design for business, it lose the inconsistency in website layout, poor call to action, forget the mobile layout, not communicate the proper brand message and poor website performance.

#2 Content Marketing Strategy

As you know that the content is a kind and that’s why companies are investing more money towards their content marketing. When we use the word “Content Marketing”, it includes entire Digital Marketing efforts, how? It includes your website content strategies, blog & article strategies, social media marketing strategies, video marketing strategies, marketing & advertising strategies, it means it’s a central aspect of your digital success.

The common Content Marketing mistakes:

Still many companies believe that on the website, there are only 5-6 pages which are Home, About page, product / service page, Client testimonial and Contact page. They forget to add the blog, article or news page. Furthermore, the website design company don’t explain the benefit of it, in general, what they are doing, make a home page design and interlink the pages, they never apply the content strategy on it or research on user behavior.

#3 Website Performance

As a Strategic Web Development Agency in India, we follow the standard pattern to optimize the website and improve the performance. You can check Top 10 technique or strategies to Improve Your Website Performance and How to make a Website to Increase Conversions

The common Website Performance mistakes:

There is many website design and development company does not know how to check the website performance, and they don’t have time to do because they are making the website at very low cost, so the main idea was getting clients and give them ready-made solutions, and make the website live. They didn’t care for your brand as well.

The lack of CRO process understanding

In CRO, the main 4 process includes,

#3.1 Data Gathering

#3.2 Data Analysis

#3.3 Website Implementation Strategies

#3.4 Strategies check and optimization

Test (A/B testing / MVT)

It’s a continuous process of CRO optimization. As per our knowledge, many agencies have hidden the report of A/B and MVT testing. We always suggest to A/B testing first and then if requires then doing MVT testing.

#4 Digital Marketing Strategy

In today, the website is not only enough, we need to do a promotion and marketing, so it’s getting top on the search engine for your business product or services. When we start to working on website design and development project, we will consider everything so our client can get the benefit of it.

Digital Marketing Factors To be Consider:

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