UI / UX Strategy: The Psychology behind UX DESIGN

If you are in search of a properly termed definition for UX Design, then you need to get one aspect straight; there is no proper definition for it. However, what is it…can be defined to you easily over here in some usual terms.

UX is an abbreviation for User Experience. UX design, however, is a concept that has a lot of different dimensions and disciplines. These dimensions and disciplines are visual design, human and computer interaction, usability, information architect and interactive design. But obviously, we all need to get a clear picture of what is UX Design? So let’s get a clearer picture of it.

What is UX Design?

What is the aim behind UX design?

It aims at improving customer satisfaction and faithfulness through ease of use, utility and delight that is offered to the customer whilst they interact with a product.

To cut the long story short, UX Design is the creation of products which are easy to use and good to interact with. It comes down to boosting or enhancing the experience (in a good way) that your customers have while they interact or utilize your product. They also need to find some value in the product that you are offering them.

People, who have no idea about UX Design, get really confused about it. For the beginners, it is easier to say that UX design is all about the process utilized to determine what the experience of a user will be while they interact with your created product.

A lot of people say that you cannot design experience. And they are right here. But you need to design something that offers them great and satisfactory experience and that is all that brings you the actual meaning or essence of UX design.


UX design is an Art:

If you look deeper, UX Design is an art. It is an art to generate positive and joyous emotions through your product interactions. If you are able to make your customer feel satisfied and happy with your product, then you are fulfilling the goal of UX Design perfectly. This combination of art, science and technology to create something that offers great user experience is better termed as UX Design.


So what is the psychology behind UX Design?

The psychology behind UX design is to create or design a product which is able to deliver a great experience to the customer or user. If you get the art of combining science and tech in the best manner, to make your product deliver satisfaction to the customers; you actually fulfill the aim of user experience design in all. The concept is not the difficult to understand. However, you need to work hard to achieve it.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR, Vishal Bhensdadia

Vishal Bhensdadiya is an enthusiast designer and developer at iVory Web Design Pvt. Ltd. Everything that has design and code in it is what catches his interest the most and he’d love to share his opinions and expertise on the UX & UI Strategies.