Top Website User Engagement Strategy

Amit Patriwala

When it comes to website design and development, there are several factors that we must concern. Those factors include the interface of the website, the capacity of the website, the niche of the website, the type of the website, and what the website is built for. Those factors must be thought and cleared first before you make a website. In general, most people make websites for either online marketing of their products including their online shops or online media for other parties’ marketing activities. Either purpose are fine as long as you do it right. However, no matter what the purpose of a website creation is, it is always better to have good website user engagement or people usually simplify it into website traffic. Today, we will discuss the Top Website User Engagement Strategy which help you to improve your website engagement.

It is just like the law of relativity, the more people that visit or engage your website, then the better the chance for your website to gain profits from what they do on your website. For example in an online shop website, if there are 1000 internet users that visit your website and 10% of them buy your products, then you already have 100 customers. On the contrary, if there are only 100 internet users that visit your website and 30% of them buy your products, then you only have 30 customers even if your customer rate is higher (30%). So, having good website traffic or website user engagement is always a good idea. Now, the question is how to make website traffic or website user engagement better?

How to make website traffic or website user engagement better?

Well, there I have a top website user engagement strategy for your here. Well, once you search for this kind of strategy, you will mostly find a term that is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. It means that SEO is any efforts we perform to make our website prioritized by Search Engines, such as Google and Yahoo Search Engines. When it comes to this, your head may spin because there are many SEO experts that explain their best SEO strategies that they have practiced and they work out just fine. Unfortunately, there is almost no absolute SEO strategy in this part because when an SEO strategy works just fine right now, there is no guarantee that it will still work fine next month due to the fact that Google always changes its algorithms periodically. However, there IS one absolute SEO strategy that we call as the top website user engagement strategy. That strategy is to make as many good article contents as possible. This is the best-known strategy even until now even though it has a big crack: expensive or time-consuming. It is expensive if you use the services of content writers and time-consuming (as well as stressful) if you do it yourself.

In this case, if whether your website has narrowed niche or not, it is always better to write updated articles. It is also better to make the article titles a bit provocative to attract many people to open and read the articles. Once you have written them, you can always share them via your social media. Once your website has good traffic, then it will also have good engagement strategy based on relativity law. On top of that, Google always appreciates good writings. So, it is still the top website user engagement strategy until now.


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Author: Amit Patriwala

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