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How to advertise your business using business card

Today, I have written this post because we have designed mini brochure type business card. Our client is having a typical mentality for their business card. Let’s start, how we have started this project.

In December, 2013 – we have started our 3rd marketing campaign by flyer distributer and getting a good number of inquiries. We have got a call from client in our office then are interested to design their business and we have schedule a meeting with them.

We are reaching at client home for explaining the branding activity and client said that they need to design the business card as they like our graphics design work in flyer. We have started to ask a few questions.

iVory – tell me about your business.

Client – we are manufacturing mechanical instrument and company is take care by their sons. Client said that my sons have completed their diploma degree only.

iVory – okay, so you need to develop a business card for your sons.

Client – no, I want to design the cards for me only.

iVory – okay that cool. Do you have a old business card?

Client – I have developed a first visiting card in 1960 and then modified it on 2005.

iVory – ah really, do you have a sample for us?

Client – yes but I need a new creative design in it.

iVory – we have explained them a business card concept which is below –

#1 good business card should convey the overall image of your business process.

#2 most important it convey the company strength.

#3 reflects your company brand identity.

#4 don’t want to include many stuff in business card so it looks attractive to the user.

Client – we know everything and now we need a creative business card from your company. We need to display our product and product photo so user can get knowledge about us.

iVory – we can add the name of product and it’s not suggested to add the photo.

Client – I need to add photo too.

iVory – okay, we will provide you 3 sample of business card and thereafter work upon the changes on selected business card. Let me explain our work style, we are not a traditional agency, we have divided the entire process in two steps which cost you individually means cost for designing and printing is different. We have given them a cost.

Client – okay, I am agreed on cost but I need a creative business card.

iVory – we have started working upon the concept and provide 5 dummy layout. We have traced the old logo from old business card.

Now come to the point, how to make a mini brochure in business card

Do you think, in business card,

front page – we have added the company name, person name with designation, highlight the business services in the front and address information.

back page – we have added the company logo, client’s tagline, their sons name and 10 product pictures.


 How can you setup this much information in such a small amount of space? But we have made this happen with our creative hands.