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Steps to develop an effective brand design by iVory Branding Agency

We know that there were lots of misunderstanding for brand design because everyone knows that brand design means graphics design work – it means design a logo and then apply it to marketing material. We are agreed that branding needs a graphics design work but it is a part.

iVory branding agency has defined the steps for create a complete branding package.

#1 Visualization

It is a process of imagination to make a creative brand identity in the market. It involves studying how normal humans interact with your products/services to create graphic illustrations of information and how this process can be made more efficiency.

Discussion with client:

#1 Understand the client’s strategic goal of business in respective for their product/service.

#2 Research on client’s product/services and understand the target audiences.

#3 Discuss the slogan and tag line.


#1 Develop a communication strategy with client

#2 Develop a content strategy

#3 Initial concept design and then discuss with client

#4 Prepare the brand identity mock up and discuss the every aspect with the client

#5 Provide you the dummy layout or digital evidence for final layout

#2 Logo & Identity design

In starting of logo design, iVory follows the clients’ thoughts about their business process, and then spend a valuable time to understand business model or process. We will prepare the prototype as logo is not a text, icon, symbol or images; during logo design process we will constantly communication with the client regarding feedbacks, suggestion or improvements. We believe that logo is an expression of the company’s’ value, brand and culture.

#3 Unique Trademarks

In today’s competitive internet world, your branding strategy serves as an important role to distinguish your products and services from others or say competitor. We believe that, establishing a unique brand is a key to business success and also protecting that unique brand is most important as you have spent hundreds of hours developing your brand, what are you doing to ensure that an impersonator does not take advantage of your valuable efforts and divert your customers/client by using your company unique identity e.g. logos, designs, image, tagline, or slogan.

#4 Content writing & Photography

It is more important to reflect your business using the image with respective content.

#5 Brochure Design

#6 Advertising & Marketing material design

#7 Packaging Design

#8 Website design

#9 Search engine optimization & social media marketing