Strategic Website Design Tips to Generating Lead for Law Firm Website

When you hire a right strategic website design and digital marketing agency, your law firm’s website can become a lead generation machine.

Unless your law firm’s website is available when prospect client searches using the law practice area, you will not get any new leads. I think, you are agreed with us? and you have tried many things to get the result? we hope you succeed on it and still looking for the further improvement – right? Without quality traffic to your law firm’s website, you will have no new inquiry and therefore, no conversions from inquiries to clients, and therefore no sales.

Why Most Law Firm’s Websites Fail to Generate Leads?

#1 Attorney are busy

#2 Attorney are not interested in understanding the basics of website design and digital marketing

#3 Attorney are not able to track their website design and digital marketing work, they just rely on website design and digital marketing agency.

#4 Attorney focus on PPC or online advertising for their business without optimizing their website

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What are the proven Website Strategy Tips to Generating Lead for Law Firm?

#1 Analysis of your practice area

Let’s discuss, The Law firm provides a service for Criminal Defense and Personal Injury. They want to highlight both the practice area on the website. As per our practice area strategy, we need to highlight their sub-practice area or sub-services.

For Criminal Defense,

  • Violent Crimes
  • Drug Crimes
  • Sex Crimes
  • DUI

For Personal Injury,

  • Car and truck accidents
  • Work-related third party claims
  • Nursing home abuse and neglect
  • Serious injuries and wrongful death

#2 Implement a content strategy based on your practice area

It’s a little bit tricky work for any law firm or agency.

It represents your brand voice towards your potential customers or clients.

As per our strategy, you should create an individual page for each practice area along with the right images and video. You can also prepare quick success list of your cases, how you handle few cases and how you got success in it. It reflects your expertise which easy getting the trust of website users.

#3 Implement a Website design strategy based on the content strategy

In Website design strategy, you need to focus on prospects who are looking for your website. It includes

  • Easy navigation for your site
  • Call to Action
  • Proper practice area information
  • Why choose your law firm agency?
  • What are the benefits they getting?
  • Attorney profile and Bio’s
  • Testimonial
  • Add Trust Icon

We will suggest you to make a mock of your home page design and send to your group to check. You can install the analytics code so you can trigger the check the user clicks and behavior for your website. This process gives 100% result when you launch your website.

Let’s discuss the law firm website layout so you can get more idea or 10 Key Objectives for Designing the Creative Website with Strategies


Our creative strategies to develop a creative website home page for Law Firm

Top Part:

  • Highlight the Practice area on top of the page
  • Clear Call to Action on the header part
  • Implement Quick contact form on the banner with the Video

Content Part:

  • Implement Creative Strategic Menu for easy navigation
  • On the sidebar, implement practice area, CNN report, Grab quick attention for site user (How We Work for You?), Quick Call to Action, Social and Office information.
  • Implement About Us section with the Trust Icons, Blog & News.


  • Implement a Quick link on the footer for the navigation.

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Your law firm website must be mobile friendly or responsive.Why Mobile Friendly Website Is Important For Digital Marketing

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Responsive Web Design Makes Your Website Mobile and Customer Friendly

#4 Implement Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Optimize your website for Local SEO (Google Business, Bing Business, Yahoo Business, FaceBook Company Page, LinkedIn Company Page, Local Directory Listing and much more)
  • Implement SEO Strategy
  • Implement Blog Content Strategy
  • Implement Social Media Posting Strategy
  • Implement Online Advertising Strategy
  • Track the Digital Marketing Activity (Use Google Analytics or other tools)

#5 Implement CRO strategy

You should check Website Conversion Rate Optimization

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