Social Media Marketing Strategy: What are audience personas?

How to Create Audience Personas on a Budget Using Facebook Insights?

We all know that Facebook has huge of users. Facebook have offered numerous features and information such as audience insight. Using this audience insight, you can start to use audience persona with little money, time, effort, and only use a Facebook account.

An online marketer can use the audience persona to target their audience. If you are new to this Facebook feature, we are going to discuss how to use the audience insight to create the persona which very beneficial for an online business to target relevant content as well as keep people with a similar mind.

What are audience personas?

Audience personas is such kind of summary of observations or research which is conducted based on the key group of Facebook users who has similar lifestyle or behavior choices.

In online marketing, instead of focusing thousands of user’s want and needs; the audience persona helps us to collect users in a bucket. This persona may change into a fictitious person who becomes the reference to guide the business decisions, for example, the design for our business, the email marketing content, the type of product that we want to sell, and the like.

A company may generate more than one audience persona to build the connection with various users instead of using one to fit everyone. However, before you start creating the audience persona there are three things that you need to know about Facebook.

First, Facebook provides basically two audiences options: all to Facebook and people who connected to your page.

Second, the audience insight will not show you any information if your audience segment is no more than 1,000 users.

The last, selecting more than one interest option will make the data is hard to dissect.

How to create audience personas?

#1 To build an audience persona, you will need a Facebook profile instead of advertising account. If you already have a Facebook profile, then head to Facebook Audience Insight.

#2 Let’s say that you have a new bag brand which is trying to steal the users’ attention especially those who are interested in fashion. You can enter the fashion interest in the provided dialogue box.

#3 The Facebook will give use broad options which probably not too specified. It will display anyone who interested in fashion. Since it is too broad, you need to narrow the search result by choosing the gender to target certain demographic.

#4 The result will show Facebook audiences who are women and interested in fashion from age 18 o 44. If this is still too broad for you, you can narrow down the result by filtering the age choice for example 25 to 35.

#5 After finishing target the audiences demographic, you can build a better vision on who may have the interest in your bag. Then, you can start drilling each of the targeted individuals to deliver the information of the audience persona.

You may need to make this audience persona for several times to target people with different interest. Yes, this seems very daunting considering there are billions of Facebook users; however, this will worth of your business effort.

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