Social Media Marketing Strategy to Boost Your Brand Presence

Not only do you need SEO or Search Engines as your marketing strategy, social media campaigns are also relevant to boost your brand presence. Social media involves a collective of online interactions such as online blogging and online networking websites between one person to another and groups of people who share common ideas regarding a specific type of brand. Once they create mutual online relationships, they begin to influence one another of how great that one brand is. It’s basically a great way to earn brand reputation when you keep in touch with your networking friends and to maintain a credible social media presence. This is the best way and technique to apply the social media marketing strategy to boost your brand presence.

How to improve brand presence on the social media?

So, here are some things you can do on social media to improve the presence of that brand of yours.

#1 Setup the right social media accounts for your brand

First, be selective in choosing the right networks for your brand presence. Depending on your brand’s image and target audience, some networks just won’t be suitable for what you’re trying to sell or the services you offer.

#2 Brand Awareness – Increase the Social Media Presence

Second, make your brand more recognizable. By this, make sure you make connections with your networking people, especially customers and investors, and be reachable to answer questions and any concerns. Hence, you’re not just selling a product, but also building trust with a larger network.

#3 User Engagement –  Contests and Promotional Activities

Third, provide a reason to believe in your brand, what you have that’s unique and valuable at the same time. Offer promos, discounts and coupons to make your product more popular and credible to consume.

#4 Content Engagement – Create and Share More Pics, Graphics, Infographics and Video Content

Fourth, attract attention on every post you posted on Facebook, etc. and make them stand out. Make them longer but entertaining, and don’t forget to add interesting images and videos as well. In addition, your posts must be well remembered.

#5 Content Strategy – Tell Stories instead of Selling Stuff

Fifth, once you have repeating followers going on your page, post regularly with different topics. At the same time, upload different videos and images too.

#6 Engage the followers

Sixth, inspire followers in your story. To make your brand presence is not only about the images and topics you posted. It’s also about taking action and inspiring people. This way you can build trust and get to know more of your followers, what they like and dislike.

#7 Influencer Marketing

Seventh, you will need to follow up and build good relationships with people in the same industry. You already got attention from followers, but in the long run, you may want to find and connect with other investors who have the same target audience as yours. By this, sharing contents can be a major advantage in the future.

Finally, showcase your customers on your page. Tell the public of their real stories and why they are using your brand. How the product influences one’s lives will make your audience feel connected to the products they’re buying. In conclusion, promotion is the greatest tool in marketing. Social media marketing campaigns is a great approach to make your brand recognizable because it involves making connections with people and creating words of mouth. When you have followers on your brand, one person will pass it on and this is the good thing about words of mouth, influencing the good thing to someone else.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR, Peter Wilmington

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