Sale Strategy: Create a Product Page that converts lead to loyal customer

Many people especially business man want to know the top secret to get more customers to buy and admire their products. If you imagine it, it may be a hard thing to do while in fact the reality is a lot simpler than that. In this article, we will talk about how to create a product page that converts lead to loyal customer.

Top 6 Product-Selling Strategies that converts lead to loyal customer

#1 Understand Pain and Pleasure of Human Behavior

Some painful actions that humans do are actually a pleasure. This can be seen from some behavior of people around you. For example, some women may be starving for hours and still do not eat anything just because they want to get ideal body. The painful process of diet will be replaced with what so called ideal body and posture which can make them, please. You need to know and understand your customers’ pain and pleasure. By doing this, you may know what can influence and attract them. After you know what your customers want or please, you can apply techniques that can lead them to directly to their goals. it can be said as shortcuts. The aim is to attract the customers and make them feel convinced that they get their goals even before buying the products.

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#2 Innovation

Many people around the world love innovation. Something new makes people’s mind work more efficiently and make life more alive. This theory can be applied in marketing your products. Newer products always seem interesting and make people want to have them.

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#3 Explanation and Reasons

Naturally, human brains will always search for information or meanings, such as answers. Thus, if you want your products to be interesting and admirable, do not forget to tell the reasons why you offer the products and why they should buy your products.

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#4 Stories and Illustration

Telling stories about your products can be a quick way to get your customers interested. If you ask why then the answer is because stories can engage humans, in this case, customers, and even create an emotional bond to them. Your stories can be conveyed by words, a classic way that is used by most people. However, if you want to be different and effective, you may want to use videos or images together with the story telling.

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#5 Make your solution look simpler

The best way to show that your solution can be great for your customers in reaching their goals is to make the solution look simpler than it is in real life. You need to make the framework of the solution easy to be understood and to follow. Thus, the customers will see it like the fastest way they can get to achieve their goals.

#6 Perfect Enemy and Allies in marketing products

The creating perfect enemy is not bad for marketing your products. This way means you make your customers to “hate” or “avoid” certain products or things, which of course can be your competitors. This way also makes all the enemies can be such problems to the customers so that they will choose your products to solve their problems.

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