Law firm Branding Strategy

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Several studies confirm the importance of branding.  In the US and Canada, client surveys conducted by Altman Weil for corporate law firms have shown that the firm’s brand and reputation are the second most important reason clients select law firms, only exceeded by the reputation of the individual attorney.

With strategic branding, law firms must be able to communicate their brand message to their target prospects. It conveys the brand authenticity and creates a memorable brand which makes them distinctive in the competition.

Law firm Branding Strategy

Branding Strategies for Law Firms

#1 Branding Research Where you are today?

This is the first step of your success, you need to do a self-analysis of your brand. It includes Brand Identity Audit, Customer experience towards your brand, Employee experience towards your brand and Competitor analysis.

#2 Define your brand promise (WWW – Who you are?, What you are doing? and Why you are doing?)

In includes every aspect your brand, your brand mission, your products, and services information, your brand promise and your prospect customers. You should consider, Which are the most common mistakes in the branding process?

#3 Develop your brand guideline or brand manual so your brand reflects same on every piece of objects

It’s a crucial part that your brand identity reflects accurately on every piece of marketing and advertising material. It includes Business Card, Letterhead, Envelop, Company Signboard,  company brochure,  promotional flyer and advertising material.

#4 Implement Content Marketing Strategy

When we use the word “Content Marketing Elements”, it includes entire Digital Marketing efforts, how? It includes your website content strategies, blog & article strategies, social media marketing strategies, video marketing strategies, marketing & advertising strategies, it means it’s a central aspect of your digital success. You should know the What are the essential elements of Content Marketing?

#5 Define Marketing Strategy

You have established your brand, now you need to target your prospect clients or customers. You should define the marketing strategy to engage your customers or clients.

#1 Define the strategy to connect with the clients or customers regular basis. It’s most important for Brand Awareness.

#2 Define the strategy for getting a new business. In starting of the business, it’s really hard to get the referral business. You need to do a media ads for Brand Hammering in starting of business. You can consider the website and social media platform for lead generation.

#6 Define Website Design & Development Strategy

In today’s digital era, the website is a key asset for everyone thus we consider it in branding strategy part. Your website must reflect your brand identity towards your prospects. You should consider few things to make your website more engageable which is:

Top 5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Building a Business Website

6 steps to develop Website Information Architecture

Creative Strategic Law Firm Website Design & Development

Why Mobile Friendly Website Is Important For Digital Marketing

10 Key Objectives for Designing the Creative Website with Strategies

Strategic Website Design Tips to Generating Lead for Law Firm Website

#7 Implement SEO Strategy

You can get more traffic on your website through effective SEO strategy. You need to implement Local SEO technique (5 Important Ingredients of Local SEO Marketing) and SEO Technique.

#8 Define Social Media Marketing Strategy

In today’s digital era, the social media is a place where we connect with everyone thus we consider it in branding strategy part. You must implement few things to success into social media marketing, check the Best Social Media Tips for Business agreed by Social Media Experts.

#9 Implement Video Marketing Strategy

Video Marketing is a 100% powerful digital marketing strategy to get more customers towards your brand. You can check Importance of Video Marketing.

#10 Measure your brand activity

You need to define a plan to check your brand performance and based on that you need to change your strategies to make it more valuable.

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