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Amit Patriwala

In today’s digital edge, every company or organization knows the few technical terms related to the web for an example responsive website design, mobile friendly website design and much more. The company or organization creates their website mobile friend or responsive is just the begging to better user experience to their visitors for their company or organization brand. We are getting tons of call per day that “We have created our new website / redesign our existing website and getting lots of traffic but the user does not engage with us”.

It means company or organization are looking to get their brand in front of their respective target audience or customer, they want to reinitialize their brand impression to their target audience or customer, they want to increase their customer loyalty and grow their organization or company overall, then there is no better option than increasing company or organization brand awareness.

Let’s analyze your company website design, first you need to check our creative website design case study so you can have an idea of website elements and essentials.

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There are few elements which need to take care for brand awareness and engage the website visitor which are below:

1) Website loading time

You can check your website loading time using google page speed tools

2) Is website responsive or mobile friendly?

You can check your website is mobile friendly or not use the google mobile friendly tools

3) Your website design conveys the right brand message to your target audience or visitor.

It’s a most important point because the visitor can engage your brand if your website reflects your brand.

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4) Is your website home page attracting visitor attention to your brand?

As per our conversation, I have mentioned in #3 visitor can be engaged for your company or organization if website design attracts them. As per our experience, template website or frustrating design can be the problem so the visitor can leave the website on first glance. In technical term or in digital marketing term, you are getting high bounce rate.

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5) Do you have the digital marketing strategies to engage the user?

It’s crucial aspect to engage your website visitor and get their email address or contact information to engage them for future company or organization updates. You should engage the visitor via Subscriber form, product material benefit or free resources in the website. When the user subscribes with us then we should engage them via email marketing or SMS marketing.

6) You should focus on Quality of content for brand awareness

Quick question for you, if you like some site which is related to your business or organization, do you like to read the whole page without any image or video? As per our research, 80% people don’t like to read only content. It means use a mix of eye-catching images and video related to topics and write proper headlines that appeal to your market needs and grab the attention of your visitor.

7) Do you have any website exit strategies?

Is it a new term? No, you should setup the exit strategies for your visitor when they leave your site.

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