Important factor for University or College Branding & Marketing

Amit Patriwala

We have started to working on the branding & marketing concept design & development for renowned University in Gujarat. They want to start brand awareness activity in the Gujarat especially metro cities to get the qualified student in their university.

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In competition edge, it’s difficult to enroll a good student. We all know that student always prefers to go to renowned university for higher study and they don’t want to do admission on newly opened university or less famous university. We believe it’s not enough to have a good campus and facility within the university, but having a good faculty and career growth it’s important. For better growth and establishment the University must have their strong brand presence and marketing strategies.

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Our branding & marketing process for University Branding:

  • Brand Audit
    1. Brand Awareness Research & Analysis
    2. Target Audience Research & Analysis
    3. Marketing material review
    4. Competitive Research & Analysis
  • Brand Platform Development
    1. Established a Branding Strategies
    2. Brand Promise Design & Development
    3. Target Audience Review
    4. Marketing material redesign & redevelop
  • Brand Creation & Awareness
    1. Brand Vision, Mission & Promise
    2. Brand Engagement Activity
    3. Advertising & Marketing strategy design & development
    4. Digital Presence
    5. Digital Marketing Strategy design & development
The effective branding and marketing technique or strategies to develop a strong College… Click To Tweet


The effective branding and marketing technique or strategies to develop a strong School… Click To Tweet

How to develop College or University or School Brand?

Step 1: Establish Brand Identity of your School or College or University in target market

  • Who are we?
  • What make us?
  • What make us different or stand out?

Step 2: Build a Brand Authenticity

Step 3: Create a Brand Engagement

  • It’s a strategic planning to engage the target audience. It’s an advertising or marketing strategies.

Step 4: Measuring Brand Performance

The effective branding and marketing technique or strategies to develop a strong University… Click To Tweet

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