Importance of Brand Analysis in Brand Design

After a long experience in creative branding agency, we have found that companies invest lots of money in logo design, brand identity design, advertising & marketing materials, packaging and so on and then surprise why they are not getting the best results they expected or they might assume that they cannot get better outputs. We always ask a simple question, had they invested time in brand analysis or brand research along the way, their stories could have been quite different.

At our branding office in Ahmedabad, we have scheduled a meeting with the client to discuss the branding project, during meeting, we felt that the client had already worked with the other brand design agency in Ahmedabad and they are not satisfied with them. We have explained the brand design process along with brand analysis and strategy development, but they couldn’t understand our process because they overwhelming that brand design mean better images and graphic design.

After a few days they have called up and said can you does our new company brand design?

We have said “Yes” and requested 15 days time for brand analysis and research. ThereafterWe have completed brand analysis and research by market, and submitted reports to them. You guess what happen, they aren’t interested to see the report and said we need to work upon the brand design and development. We have followed the client instructions and submitted the concept design accordingly our analysis and they liked it.

After a few days, the client has started demanding and said that we don’t need a visualization / conceptual work; we need to add better images which appeal to our business. Thereafter, we have followed the client’s instruction and completed brand design, corporate identity designadvertising design, marketing material design, package design and website design.

As of now, everything looks good, but they don’t satisfy with it; because a competitor has worked accordingly their brand research and started to create a real brand identity in the market. Now our client said I want to learn branding from you guys.