Google New Search Algorithm RankBrain And Why Does It Matter?

Amit Patriwala

We know, it’s really painful for every digital marketing agency when Google announced or released a new algorithm for the organic search. We believe, it’s really affected the current search result of the company and organization worldwide.

Last year, I had seen article at Bloomberg which is Google Turning Its Lucrative Web Search Over to AI Machines,

Google’s decision to deploy AI into search shows that companies are starting to entrust their most valuable businesses to systems controlled in part by machine intelligence.

“Search is the cornerstone of Google,” Corrado said. “Machine learning isn’t just a magic syrup that you pour onto a problem and it makes it better. It took a lot of thought and care in order to build something that we really thought was worth doing.”

Now come to the point, So what exactly is RankBrain Algorithm and how is it going to affect Google’s organic search results?

The basis of RankBrain Algorithm:

The RankBrain is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system. Click To Tweet

The RankBrain is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that’s being applied to and used with Google’s current search engine algorithms to provide better results to web user queries.

So how the RankBrain Algorithm work – It will use the complex mathematical processes to understand the web search behavior, it includes many common factors which include the Company or Organisation Geo locations information, understand the user behavior – how and why user search, understand the search term, page rank factor, understand the current search result and apply those conclusions to future search results. The basic idea, they want to replace the pre-define search and make search result more accurate over the time for users.

As per RankBrain, we are providing few things as per our domain expertise whether we are right or wrong, I’m a programmer and I have made many complex ERP systems in last few years and then move to Digital Marketing world, as per my understanding, Google can’t change their existing system of ranking but they can apply existing search factor and re-generate the some criteria for RankBrain, overall RankBrain is an AI system but the programming criteria fixed by the human, which might be below:

  • The user has submitted the search query and then Google submit to their engine
  • Thereafter, The documents responsive to the search query
  • The search sessions first check the old save listing result for the search query and then check new index pages for the relevant search
  • The time at which the search query is submitted and what is the best result
  • In indexed pages, they are looking for the relevant search keyword – in the content or images or link, they also check the keyword density and calculate the page score
  • The user can see the top result
Google New Search Algorithm RankBrain And Why Does It Matter? Click To Tweet

Will RankBrain Affect Search Results?

As we have already discussed, In starting, not every search query is passed through the RankBrain Algorithm and the information that comes from RankBrain Algorithm is considered for the future result. Google uses various signals to accurately rank different pages. The RankBrain might not affect each and every search query, but it will have a lasting impact on SERP results. The difference will come from people who make searches containing obscure keywords or never-before-seen searches.

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