Ecommerce: Why use WooCommerce Option for the Startup?

Today, after a very long time, I had a good discussion with the client about their e-commerce website design and development. In general, most of the client aware with the e-commerce functionality and when they are planning to start their online store they have sufficient budget for e-commerce website design and development. Today, we will discuss the Why use WooCommerce system for the startup? I’m discussing this point because many startups don’t have a much budget for their online store or e-commerce site. We have already discussed, Which e-commerce system is right for my startup business?. As per my knowledge, use Woocommerce system is the best option for them to execute their dream with below features.

Why use WooCommerce system for the startup?

#1 It’s an open source e-commerce plug-in & It’s Free

The WooCommerce plug-in gives most of the e-commerce functionality and features which required on startup the business.

#2 It’s a low cost and gives a huge flexibility

As I have already said, it gives inbuilt functionality and features so we just need to invest in the design part, not in the e-commerce functionality development part. Moreover, they are provided lots of add-ons which we can integrate as per our requirement.

#3 It’s easy to use and configure

The WooCommerce system is easy to operate by the non-technical person. They just need to invest 2-4 hours in understanding the basic functionality.

#4 It’s tested and used by millions of users

The WooCommerce system is installed by millions of e-Commerce user and it’s working well.

WooCommerce e-Commerce System Overview:


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