ECommerce Strategy: Guidelines for Selecting Best ECommerce Platform

Are you confused about selecting the hosted platform for your eCommerce website? Well, this may guide you to find out a way. In this growing demand for eCommerce platforms, it is really important to choose the best. Among all others, we can firmly say that Shopify, Bigcommerce, Volusion, and 3DCart are the leading 4. Now, among them which are the best is something that has to be analyzed. Let us have a look at the basic guidelines for selecting best eCommerce platform based on certain factors:-

Guidelines for Selecting The Best ECommerce Platform


#1 Popularity

Though this cannot be the only judging factor, this is much dependent on the marketing team and traffic attraction. No doubt, in both ways, Shopify is the leading, followed by Volusion, Bigcommerce, and 3DCart in the second, third and fourth position respectively.

#2 Easy to use

Understanding how to use the platform is the factor in deciding its ease of use. All the 4 companies have the easy dashboard and wizard guide that makes them comprehensible. But the subtle differences in the dashboard set up is what makes their use easier. Here again, Shopify leads for its handy dashboard design with the customizing look of your site and much more. Then comes Bigcommerce owing to its clean dashboard and clear guidelines for quick making of your site. This is followed by Volusion and finally comes 3DCart.

#3 Pricing

For deciding this criterion, not only the price but the features that the company offers at that price is also important. Though 3DCart is the cheapest to use, the best package in the most reasonable prices is offered by none other than Shopify. Bigcommerce has recently blown up its prices and hence is the most expensive. Volusion and 3DCart also work in cheaper rates but the package is not that attractive as Shopify.



#4 Themes and Designs

When you choose a platform, the first thing that attracts is the design. If you want a perfectly professional theme, Shopify is the best. Then comes Bigcommerce followed by Volusion. However, 3DCart is poor at themes and lack modern designs.

#5 Apps and Add-ons

It goes without any arguments that both Shopify and Bigcommerce rule in this arena. They offer more than 100 options for your store. However, Volusion or 3DCart would not be a good choice on this basis.

#6 Customer service

You any need support service for your eCommerce blog. Shopify and 3DCart offer all time support over the phone, email, and chat. Bigcommerce and Volusion offer chat and mail support but the phone with constraints.

Thus, it is clear from the above statistics that Shopify stands out to be the best choice for your hosting platform of eCommerce. However, you are the best judge and can always examine and decide which is the best for you.

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