eCommerce: Hosted eCommerce blog VS WordPress Blog Which is better?

What is hosted e-Commerce Blog?

A commercial blog conducted electronically on the internet whose technical aspect of creating and maintaining is managed by a customary group is called hosted eCommerce blog. The managing group of the blog is called the host of the eCommerce blog. This is very efficient and cost-effective than self-hosting, especially for smaller and startup companies. In such a blog, you get the marketing strategies and the competitor information as well.

What is WordPress Blog?

A WordPress blog is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. It is installed on a web server, which either is part of an Internet hosting service or is a network host itself. This is not chiefly for commercial purposes but can be used for expressing any content that is found fit by the user. This is generally self-hosted and hence, the way to write the blog is totally dependent on the user.

Hosted eCommerce blog VS WordPress Blog:


Which is Better?

For the commercial aspect, hosted eCommerce blog is preferred much by the expert platforms. WordPress blog can be a good place for social media promotion. But the team of top eCommerce host companies like Shopify, Bigcommerce, Volusion and 3DCart would be able to assist the promotion of the company by technical support only at the eCommerce blog.

The Canadian eCommerce company, Shopify, develops computer software for eCommerce blogs. Similarly, Bigcommerce designs software that technically make your business grow in eCommerce blogs. Volusion and 3DCart are often termed an expert technician host for your eCommerce blogs. None of them design software for your business promotion in WordPress blog.

While you are highly skilled in the production aspect of your business, these top 4 eCommerce hosting companies are experts in the technical and commercial development of your business through internet. You can always have a personalized WordPress blog designed and framed according to your self-hosting choice but if you want to soar higher and reach the sky, eCommerce blog hosted by any of these 4 companies would provide you the best results. You must be confused now about which one to choose. But you can always research about them through the internet and get the one best suited for you.


Hosted eCommerce blog VS WordPress Blog, Though from a business point of view, hosted e-commerce blog work wonders, you can, at the same time, make your WordPress blog for adding to your promotional activities on the social networking sites. Therefore, while investing in hosted eCommerce blog is a must for the best results of your business, you can surely use WordPress to express your business in your way.


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