E-Commerce Strategy: Ready-made E-Commerce themes VS custom theme deisgn

A dilemma about adopting readymade eCommerce designs or customized designs often pick the minds of entrepreneurs. Well, both have its benefits and pitfalls. Whether you take up Shopify, Bigcommerce, Volusion or 3Dcart, all offer you with readymade as well as custom themes. You can definitely go for that as it may incur less cost sometimes. But customizing your own website design can always help in the better promotion of your business by being unique. Let us have a look at the pros and cons in both cases.



#1 This involves less investment as you have to pay the fixed amount for the theme that you can already see.

#2 It saves time as everything is set already. You can immediately start your online dealings.

#3 You can be assured of the theme and design that can maximize your views.

#4 You don’t need to think hard about forming new designs.

#5 You have lots of options for designs and functionality from which you can choose.

#6 Support is viable from the developers who design them.

#7 You get various features already built in the design which you need not create individually.


#1 There can be some unwanted features in a theme which cannot be omitted thus causing inconvenience.

#2 Existence of junk codes lower down the speed of your eCommerce website.

#3 The biggest drawback is that the designs have no originality which may match your brand design to your competitor’s.

#4 Fixing bugs may incur additional investment.

#5 Enhancement of functionality which takes huge investment




#1 This provides uniqueness to your brand.

#2 Once designed, no need to update in short spans.

#3 You can get exactly what you want.

#4 It also becomes one of your online trade assets.

#5 You can make your design SEO friendly to get better rankings than your competitors.


#1 It is very time taking to plan and design your website by working on all functionalities separately.

#2 It may incur much more cost than the readymade themes.

#3 This requires a lot of brainstorming amid all other works of your business.

#4 The results and the final look cannot be judged from the beginning.


As per our discussion, READYMADE E-COMMERCE THEMES and CUSTOM DESIGN, both have their positive and negative aspects. Now as the sole owner of your business, you need to realize what it exactly needs and plan accordingly. However, flexibility in design is a much-needed factor and you should go for the one that offers it to some degree even if not fully. Though it may incur a little investment of time and money, in the beginning, it will bring in much more profits in the long run. This is only offered by custom design. This will make your brand unique and hence popular, bringing in more and more traffic.

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