e-Commerce: Perfect Your Customer Journey Maps to Increase Conversions

In this digital era, the online shop is not a rare thing anymore. Even, most offline shops now have online shops as well. It can even be considered that offline shops won’t stand a chance in the world of business if they don’t take the chance to open the online versions of their offline shops. This is what  makes  online shops are very important. This also what causes internet marketing or online marketing become quite popular these days. However, the definition of internet marketing, which is any efforts performed to promote something or to gain money through the internet, is so broad.

One of the most common descriptions of the definition of internet marketing is promoting a product that is sold in real life. In this case, of course, it is very important to know how to perfect your customer journey to increase website conversions.

First, we have to know the definitions of the customer journey and website conversions.

What is Customer Journey or Customer Journey Map?

Customer journey map is the map or direction of where the customer (or internet browser) will go (or click). By giving the right directions to what the customers want, it will eventually end up as expected. On the contrary, giving bad or complex directions to customers will result in the customers’ decisions in searching for other references or suppliers/sellers. Of course, there is no seller in this world that wants something like that happens. This is the importance of customer journey maps.

What is Website Conversions?

As for website conversion, it is the number of visitors of a website that really make some deals. For an online shop website, traffic may be important but the most important are that the deals they can make with their customers via the website. It is because getting deals or selling their products is the purpose of their website creations in the first place. So, if the websites cannot get them the deals they expect, then the existences of the websites are in questions.


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Now, you have known about both definitions of customer journey maps and website conversions. The next things about how to perfect your customer journey maps to increase conversions are a good homepage, a good list of products by categories, a good placement of buy buttons, and good steps of how to buy your products.

As for a good homepage, it is very important because your customers hope to see a good online shop. A good online shop must have a good homepage. The question is, why does it have to be the homepage? Well, the answer is very simple. It is because the homepage is the most visited page of your website. It is like the cover of a book that gives the first impression to those who want to decide whether they have to buy the book or not.

As for a good list of products by categories, it is just like a traditional product catalog, so I believe that you already know its importance. In this case, making a product list that is tidy (good categorized) and enjoyable to see or familiar with most eyes is always a good idea. As for a good placement of buy buttons, the importance is quite obvious because it can be very annoying if you already find something you are looking for but you don’t find any method to buy it (or find the buy button in this case). So, don’t forget to place the buy buttons as convenient as possible. It doesn’t have to be that big but it has to be clear enough. As for good steps to buy your products, it is almost the same with the placement of buy buttons. If you have found the thing you like and have clicked on the buy button but you don’t have the available payment methods or worse, you don’t know what to do next, then you can only say goodbye to your customers and can’t expect to have any deals from your online shop website. Those are the importance of how to perfect your customer journey maps to increase website conversions.



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