Does Alexa Rank Matter for Website?

Today morning, I got the call from the client and he said “he has just checked their website Alexa Rank” and he has socked it was in millions. I have asked a simple question, does Alexa rank matter for your website? He has good replied, he said I don’t about it much more but my friend said it’s crucial for SEO and it indicated the website traffic. I’m agreed with him and said I will try to check and get back to you soon.

I’m thinking how the Alexa calculated the traffic on my client site as we haven’t install any Alexa code on their website. I have started research on “How Alexa gives a traffic information for the site?” and I have found good article which is below:

It’s a clear that Website Alexa Rank has no affected on your website’s search engine ranking.

This is a great post by Kenny on GrowTrafficDoes Having a High Alexa Rank Matter Anymore?

Your site is very likely on Alexa’s list, and yet you don’t have any Alexa tracking code on your side.  How does Alexa measure your traffic, then?  The answer is that Alexa records visitors using the Alexa toolbar.  Amazon has taken steps to try to make this toolbar, a browser extension, useful.  Unfortunately, the age of toolbars is ending just as quickly as the age of Alexa.

As per many articles, Alexa ranking for a website is calculated on the basis of  the Alexa toolbar installed on visitors browser and thus the results can be inaccurate most of the time. I have a quick question, as a business owner of the company, are you willing to add Alexa Toolbar on your browser?

When Website Alexa Rank Matter?

#1 Evaluating a Website for Purchase

#2 Getting a Good Advertising Rate on Your Website

Based on about information, I hope you getting my point or still thinking Does Alexa Rank Matter for Website? 🙂

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