Digital Marketing Strategy: Local SEO Important Factors

If you have a business in today’s era, it is just not possible for you to survive without having your presence on the internet. In fact, having just the presence or existence is not what it takes for you to be ahead of your competitors; if you really wish to beat the competition, it is essential for you to keep up with the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking.

If you have recently started your business or if you have not been doing well in the field, you need to ensure that you popularize yourself in the Local SEO list.

What is the meaning of Local SEO?

It is an extremely popular and effective type of local online marketing. With its help, you can not only promote your business but also ensure that you become famous in the local market. In order to establish the bigger market, you need to start from the scratch, which is nothing but the local market.

The moment you tap sufficient amount of local customers, you are able to spread your wings in future. The two major search engine or business directories used by Local SEO are Google and Yelp. When the local customers search for something that you offer, these search engines ensure that your business pops up to transform the potential customers into your leads.

Top 8 important factors of Local SEO:

#1 Business Registration – Google and Bing

You need to register your business with Google My Business and Bing Local Business.

#2 Create a Business page on Social Media

You need to setup your business page on Social Media, FaceBook, Linked In, Twitter, and Google+.

#3 Focus on Location keyword in the Page elements (Title, URL & Description)

You need to have the keyword in the page title, page URL, and page description so that you the visitors can locate you easily. It is quite important to increase your website’s visibility.

#3 Quality Content

There are ways in which the length of your content also affects your website’s visibility. Keep it moderate. The website content must keep it simple and understandable. Let the content be simple and clear. Don’t beat around the bush; search engines can’t be fooled.

#4 Duplication Content

Get rid of the duplicate content, it can work, but not when it comes to local SEO.



#5 Stay away from BLACK HAT SEO

Stay away from BLACK HAT SEO, Do not overload the content with the keyword(s) and links.

#6 Website must be Mobile-Friend or Responsive

A mobile user can conduct a search for a local business restaurant, nightclub, movie theater, or any other local business establishment and be directed to the business’s website or physical address with just a click. Businesses with a website created with the principles of the mobile website or responsive web design (RWD) are more prepared to engage with the millions of people already using mobile devices. It means Mobile Website or Responsive Web Design Makes Your Website Mobile and Customer Friendly.

#7 Website Performance

We know that the website visitor engagement is a key success of your business and that’s why we need to improve the website performance. Just imagine, if website user landing on the website and it won’t load on stipulated time then obviously he/she left the site on the second moment, agree with me? So you need to focus on the Website Performance, how to Improve Your Website Performance.

#8 Digital Marketing Strategy

Implement right digital marketing from beginning, it helps to get more business. So you need to focus on the “How to Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy” and make your business success.

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