Digital Marketing: How to Improve Local SEO, Social, and Content Strategy?

Whether you are new in the business or you are an old player; SEO especially the local based is still the main element to drive more customers to your door. That is why people continuously seek the way to improve the website traffic and also product sales. The trend in this year is optimizing the Local SEO in which it can target local audiences. Here are some strategies to improve your SEO and get the best for your website.



#A Local SEO Strategy

As aforementioned above that the trend will be local SEO. To Improve Local SEO which targets the local, you need to establish the local authority for your business. Regular publish of blog content which is relevant for the local people are one of the ways to improve the SEO. You can promote the local news, industry gatherings, employees, and other locally educational content on the website or blog. The content should be high quality and also valuable that will boost the business sells.

#1 Target the SEO keywords and description with the local area location on the website.

You are doing a website design and development business in Allentown, PA. So your business keywords,

  • Website Design Agency in Allentown, PA
  • Website Development Agency in Allentown, PA

#1.1. Target the keywords on the website home page

#1.2 Create a new service page, Website Design

The page title – Website Design Agency in Allentown | Web Design Agency in Allentown, PA

The page description – iVory Web Design is a well-known website design agency in Allentown, PA since 2012. Our services are creative website design, cms website design and more. Call for more detail.

#1.3 Create a Local Business page in the website

You can create one geographical page with the business details, you can check Branding Agency in Ahmedabad.

#2 List your business on Google Business, FaceBook Business page

Still in the local SEO, the Google+, LinkedIn and FaceBook local profile allows you to choose and declare the business category. Adding the relevant business categories will drive audience with similar interest to visit your page.

#3 Register your business on Local Business Directories

#4 Content Marketing Strategy: Target the local keyword with the location in the website content

#5 Get Reviews – Google+ and Facebook reviews

#B Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social sharing is somehow similar to the external links to contribute the brand’s authority. To search engine such as Google, an indication of the external and authentic source which validate your brand or content is a sign of a small improvement in the domain authority. For instance, it is very great to have five people share your Facebook post; however, if there are 500 people share it that is certainly even better. You have to keep in mind that shares, likes, favorites, retweets, and the like are counted to increase the domain authority.

#1 Create a social account as per your business needs.

Take into your consideration to connect your site to the major social media platform such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and the like. You can promote your brand or newly published content to reach broader audiences. In addition, social media can also be the place where you can communicate and get closer to the customers.

#2 Create a Business page in Google+, FaceBook, and LinkedIn

It’s a part of Local SEO Strategy.

#3 Regular post updates on social accounts

#4 Manage the social activities

#C Content Marketing Strategy

The content is a kind and that’s why companies are investing more money towards their content strategies. When we use the word “Content Marketing Strategy”, it includes entire Digital Marketing efforts, how? It includes your website content strategies, blog & article strategies, social media content strategies, video marketing strategies, marketing & advertising strategies, it means it’s a central aspect of your digital success.

#D Video Marketing Strategy

Video is still the attention grabber

The video is a great content to keep the audience entertained and engage with your site. In addition, Google also pays more attention to a website which has video content in it. In another way, video content can improve your website ranking in the Google search engine result. A recent research reports that video content dominates the Google search universal by 62%. With this fact, why don’t you use the video as the attention grabber to rank on the first page of Google search result by includes engaging video? Moreover, a website with video content will likely have a higher click-through rate up to 41% and also 50 times better.

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