Creative Strategy To Make Your Website More User Friendly

When we got a call for Digital Marketing Consulting, we always discuss the usability aspect of the website. It means your website design should be more user-friendly. The most of the website user understand the meaning of user-friendly means top navigation or site navigation and it’s not sufficient for getting good business or lead. The user-friendly website is critical for the success of any business. The good user-friendly website can improve the performance of your website and increase your chances of success in competition, indirectly, it can boost company sales and revenue for your business.

As a Creative Strategic Website Design Agency, we define the term “user-friendly” as

The website design should not only look creative but also provide a seamless user experience for website user. It means to increase the website usability is about making it easy for the website user to find the appropriate information they need quickly and easily. The overall website strategy to implement the user-centric information navigation approach.

Top Creative Strategy To Make Your Website More User-Friendly

#1 Highlight your Logo on Website

The business logo is an important part of your business brand and it should place on prominent place on the website.

#2 Website Color Scheme or Website Visually Appealing

The Website must reflect your brand color. The website should clean and modern appearance so the website user can stay and check for product or service.

#3 Website Fonts, Photograph & Content Strategy

When choosing fonts and photography for your website, you must think your target audience and your brand message. The photography must reflect your business promise to user’s mind because effective photography conveys the better message without any words. In Advertising, you can use proper photography to attract more website users.

The website content should proper format so that website user can easily read and understand it. The content headline standards (H1, H2 & H3), Highlight few terms (Bold, Italic) and most important spacing of the content.

#4 User Navigation – Website Menu and Site Structure

The website navigation should be easy to understand and highlight the core business aspect.



#5 Website Information Architecture

In today’s competitive market, we need to add more information and resources on the website to attract the target user. At this time, your website information architecture should robust and user-centric. You can check 6 steps to develop Website Information Architecture.

#6 Implementation of Call to Action Strategy

We believe that lack of contact information on the website creates a negative impact on website user’s mind. You should implement the various call to action strategies on the website to engage the user for future updates, like email subscription form, product interest form.

#7 Responsive Or Mobile Friendly Website

Your website must Responsive or Mobile Friendly so that your mobile user couldn’t suffer from bad website experience. You can check Infographics Website Lead Generation Technique Responsive Web Design and Responsive Web Design Makes Your Website Mobile and Customer Friendly.

#8 Remove 404 links

The 404 Error page or broken links create a negative impact on the website visitor’s mind and also it don’t look professional.

#9 Website Performance

We know that the website visitor engagement is a key success of your business and that’s why we need to improve the performance of the website. You can check the article how to Improve Your Website Performance?

#10 Browser Consistency

We don’t know the website user’s browser so it’s the most important aspect to check the website in the different browser. The website should give the same look and feel user experience for all the browser which gives a huge impact on user accessibility.


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