Creative Logo Design for Vehicle Customization Company Ahmedabad

Logos and branding are so important. In a big part of the world, people cannot read French or English but are great in remembering signs – Karl Lagerfeld

In starting of the creative logo design process, iVory following the clients’ thoughts about their business process, and then spends a valuable time to understand the clients business model and process. Based on the discussion and understanding, we will prepare the prototype for logo design as we believed that logo is not just a text, icon, symbol or images. The logo is a brand identity for the company, so during a logo design process we will constantly communication with the client regarding feedbacks, suggestion or improvements on the logo design ideas. We believe that logo is an expression of the company value, identity and culture.

Today, we are discussing creative logo design concepts for a vehicle customization company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We have discussed the logo design concept with the client and started our research on vehicle manufacturing company logo design in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. There are over a few well-known vehicle customization company in the Gujarat area which have a little digital presence.

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Creative Logo Design Agency in Ahmedabad Process of Logo Design or Brand Identity Design

We have a few questions for you before starting discussions on a creative logo design for your company or organization.

  • Is your company name reflecting your business process?
  • Do you have any color and font preferences for your company logo?
  • Do you need any symbolic form in logo design?
  • Do you have a company tag line?

Let’s discuss the creative logo design concept for the vehicle customization company

We have discussed below points with our client for their company logo design concept.

  • They want to design a symbol which reflects their company name.
  • They need a god symbol presence in the logo.
  • They have a color preference, Yellow in gold shade and dark gray.
  • They don’t have an idea for the font style.
  • They don’t have a tag line, but they have an idea what they need.

We have started working upon the creative logo design process and delivered a creative logo for their company.

Vehicle Company Brand Identity Design

If you are interested in having a creative logo design for your Company or Organization, then please contact iVory Logo Design agency in Ahmedabad.

We have completed entire branding project for a Vehicle customization company. You can check Vehicle Branding Case Study

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