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Corporate Business Strategies for setup advertising budget in 2016

Amit Patriwala

In technology era, every business owner thinks smart to invest in Advertising and Branding. We have done a survey with 30 business owners and their respective staff who are looking for an advertising and marketing planning. As per the survey, 55-60% business owner doesn’t know about the advertising strategies. They said they are doing an advertising (hoarding, billboard, banners, digital marketing) when their business season coming, and they were getting enough business from it.

Let’s talk about the corporate business advertising strategies for upcoming years:

As Advertising Agency, we always explain three basic advertising terms to our clients.

  1. ATL (Above the line):
    ATL activity starts at regional, national or world level, and targeted mass audience. It includes tv advertising, radio advertising, cinema advertising, bigger hoarding and regional or national newspaper advertising.
  2. TTL (Through the line):
    TTL is a purely brand engagement activity through ATL & BTL Advertising strategies. iVory Advertising Agency specially defined Social Media Marketing, Video marketing and Mobile Marketing in to TTL activity.
  3. BTL (Below the line):
    BTL activity starts at the micro level (person to person, person to group). It includes flyer, brochure, marketing material, email marketing, telemarketing, local newspaper advertising, bus or rickshaw advertising, traffic barricades and traffic booth.

Top 4 advertising strategies for upcoming years by iVory advertising agency in Ahmedabad

Advertising Strategy 1: Focus on Direct Sales

Define Advertising Budget (10%) and Direct Sales Budget (45-55%).

Advertising Budget: It’s about creating a brand awareness in the market. It won’t be generating any sale out of it.

Direct Sales Budget: It is a sales process and it includes every expense to the company.

Advertising Strategy 2: Focus on Digital Media

7% budget reserve for digital marketing, it includes Facebook paid advertising, Twitter paid advertising, Google paid advertising and Linked In paid advertising. Why social media marketing is so important for business?

5% budget reserve for video marketing.

3% budget reserve for mobile marketing. How to create online advertising strategies?

Benefit of Digital Marketing over Local marketing.

Advertising Strategy 3: Focus on effective communication

It’s a crucial factor for any business. It helps the company to give a planned, clear, comprehensive, and consistent message to your audience, staff, investors, and business associates.

Advertising Strategy 4: Focus on creative advertising and marketing material

The creative advertising and marketing material creates a long lasting effect on the target audience, which will be generating a sale. You can see the creative advertising design concept

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Author: Amit Patriwala

I’m a Programmer (.Net, PHP & Coldfusion), Consultant (Application Architecture Design, Web Portal Design, and Database design), Blogger (Digital Marketing, Website Design, Website Development, and Website Optimization & Latest Technology Stuff) and Strategist (Brand Design & Development). I work with companies, agencies, and top management executives to optimize their online brand presence with digital strategy, website design & development strategy, content marketing strategy and social media marketing.

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