Corporate Branding

Corporate branding is a simple psychology and science brought together Company Identity and Loyal Customer.

iVory Branding has discussed with 10 well-known companies which they inquired for their corporate branding work. The small business owner doesn’t believe in branding because of limitation of available funds and opportunities.

Corporate branding is essential for any business, larger, medium, small, business to consumer or business to business.

Why Corporate Branding / Business Branding are importance?

  • Brand Awareness
  • Corporate Identity
  • Getting Loyal Customer

What is Brand Awareness?

Everyone trying to their best to sell their product and service in the niche market but 80% of business are not successfully survived in the market due to competition. The main reason is for it less brand awareness in the target audience.

Let’s discuss the simple scenario for brand awareness, today I have seen a one simple hoarding on cross road about the food supplier – “They are providing a FREE home delivery for the food”. I’m thinking on it, the food supplier having a less margin on their profit due to competition and moreover they provided FREE home delivery. How they can earn from it? What is their profit margin?


Now, the main point arises, they are doing a brand awareness of their product using the hoarding as they don’t have a website or local marketing guys. What is the impact of their brand in people? Let’s start with me, I have tried to call them and booked a 1 Kg. apple and they have provided it within a 1 hour and fewer prices then my local vendor. I saw that the person has uniform and having branding on their motor vehicles. My neighbor asked for why this person comes at home? I simply replied for food deliver and they impressed.

Early stage of corporate branding for small or emerging company is a key to business success.

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What is Corporate Identity?

Corporate branding gives a strong brand identity your business. It includes company logo design, slogan, visualization (colors and fonts) and mascot design. The most of the companies believe that they need a same corporate identity as their competitor and they are wrong because they are promoting their competitors.

Let’s discuss one real time scenarios of our client “Fudler’s” – You can see their Corporate Branding Work


We have visited their restaurant last week and interact with live audience; 10 out of 10 people said they remember their logo and identify them easily and they easily remember their slogan or tag line “Food lovers”. Our client has captured the niche market within a 6 month and now they are a well-known brand in their area.

Corporate branding convey a uniform quality, reliability and experience.

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