Content Marketing: 7 Steps to Content Marketing Success

Making a careful planning before you start an online business may help you be successful in the future. Besides, the digital marketing today has become one of the alternatives that you can use to get more revenue. You can achieve many benefits from content marketing to market some goods or services which are quite promising. However, no matter how well your marketing plan is, it will not succeed without a good strategy. Here are new 7 ways to achieve content marketing that you can make an inspiration to be successful. First, we will discuss the basic of the Content marketing and then, we will discuss the 7 Steps to Content Marketing Success.

What is Content Marketing?

As per our previous article 2016 Content Marketing Predictions,

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. It means, the Content Marketing is the art of communicating with your targeted customers and prospects without selling.

Why is Content Marketing essential for business?

  • Create a Brand Awareness for the product or service
  • Attract the user towards your business product or service when they are doing a research on their product or service requirement
  • In Decision-making scenario when they consider your product or service
  • Convert User to your Customer and engage them for your company brand

7 Steps to Content Marketing Success

#1 Decide the Goal

All marketing strategies should have purposes. We need a target if we want to succeed. For example, we want to increase overall sales, acquire new customers, or may want to differentiate ourselves from competitors and earn better margins than competing in price. After having targets and goals, then we are ready to develop a content marketing strategy that will ultimately work to our business.

#2 Always Optimistic in Doing Business

Having a careful planning is not enough to strengthen your marketing business without preparing mentally and optimistic attitude in running this business. Also, make sure that you are always optimistic in the business of any kind of product that you are offering to consumers.

#3 Keep the Content Useful

To create a great marketing strategy, we also need to create great content. Whatever the type, create some useful contents and beneficial to our potential customers. Make sure that it is still helpful, entertaining, and informative. It also gives benefit in SEO process – Website Ranking SEO Tips to Create Content Importance

#4 Create Wider Business Network

The next thing you can do is to spread your business to a wider network. By doing so, this will allow you to get customers from a variety of access where you can provide accurate promotions for goods or services that you offer.

#5 Include Attractive Pictures

In content marketing, visual appearance like interesting images can increase the success of our content marketing. A picture is relatively easy to be shared on social networks such as Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter, and even this image could help push an additional click.

#6 Use Video for Promotion

According to reports from the HighQ, 79 percent of people watch video online each week, and about 55 percent watch online video daily. But interestingly, not many people utilize content marketing videos for their business. When we add the video into content marketing strategies, we may be a step ahead of competitors. Furthermore, many people predict that video will be a key to success in online marketing.

#7 Promoting Content

The Blog is not the only place to publish and promote our content. In contrast, when making content marketing post, we also have to think about how our post will be distributed, and may expect how the post will also be promoted. At least, consider to link the content to social media, including the content in email marketing campaigns, and connect the various parts of our site that are relevant to the content.

In summary, those are 7 steps to content Marketing Success that you can do. As long as you keep them in mind, your small online business will increasingly grow up and at the end, your business will be viral.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR, Peter Wilmington

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