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Content Marketing: 5 Crucial Content Distribution Metrics for Marketers

Amit Patriwala

Content distribution plays an important role in businesses. However, many marketers make mistakes in this area. To get better content marketing strategy, they need to keep potential customers closer to their business brand. Social media sites give an amazing media to promote content in a passive way. That means the audience is able to discover such content through social media platforms they have been using recently. The thing is social media becomes more populated as time goes by. Getting the right target market will be a challenging task to do. Some marketers aren’t good with social metrics. They can easily fall into some traps. Here are some metrics they need to focus on.

5 Crucial Content Distribution Metrics for Marketers

#1 Using Proper Channels for the Distribution

Even though social media sites offer many opportunities for all marketers, the channels are quite messy. Still, businessmen shouldn’t lose hope. By digging deep into their customers’ behaviors, they are able to narrow down the ideal customers for their business. That means they will only use a few platforms for an efficient content distribution. Once they have decided the channels, they can create the distribution plan using an engaging content template. This way, they can save lots of time and money of the company.

#2 Focus on Originality

Marketers must set their focus on authentic engagement. That means they need to set their sights on delivering engaging and relevant content so they provide ample value to keep their brand visible. Plus, they need to make their brand reachable. Many experts say that the best method to achieve an effective online marketing is through compelling content. For example, marketers should create published content, a bank of topics, and lessons for the entire publishers in their company. Usually, big companies are able to publish more than 30 articles monthly.

#3 Contribute to Related Publications

 Here’s the truth. Marketers are only talking to the wall if they don’t have the right people reading their articles. In order to avoid this issue, they must target niche content that is quite related to their industry. This way, they can reach ideal customers on the internet. Why is it important to publish related content? It’s because most of the audience is knowledgeable about the topic.

#4 Find Customers’ Problems

If the marketing teams and sales aren’t able to record customer pain points and provide content to solve those issues, the company is missing out on huge profits. It’s important to create content that solves and helps customers’ issues. As the result, they can connect best with their social followers and audience. This strategy also helps them in the sales process. The question is how they can produce such kind of content. The simplest method is to create a spreadsheet. The team will use it to both add and access sales objections from the customers.

#5 Applying Proper Campaigns

Marketers shouldn’t overlook content development around targeted campaigns. This way, they know what kind of article topics they should focus on. Usually, big companies create new campaigns quarterly. Later, they will create content that gives questions, insights, and sales objections around it. The purpose is to find out what content their audience will respond. This way, they are able to make better decisions to proceed with further plans.

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Author: Amit Patriwala

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